Another bout on the pool tables yesterday and the Gin & Tonic diet! Today’s results show that I’m finally through the “plateauing” phase and I’ve broken the 200 barrier!!


Not just creeping under it but a SMASH as the scales showed 197.8 which I certainly haven’t seen since my childhood.  When I was on my first RAF tour in Cyprus I was 14.5 stone or 203 lbs back in 1966 so the next milestone is to get under 196 which is 14 stone for those that like UK numbers.

The forecast rain for the weekend hasn’t materialized so although a bit chilly this morning is was back out on the pedal machine and a few more miles in the book. The records show that since I started the cycling “thing” I’ve pedaled 142.38 miles around Dolores and if I keep this up one day I’ll find a way out. Trouble has been every time I’m getting with the program the dreaded winds start blowing and ruin my best efforts.


Another week of “on & off” weather and here we are again at Friday 15th April and another shitty weather forecast of 80% rain and colder until next Tuesday. The “Plateauing” continued all week but this morning after bouncing back up to 199 for 3 days a new number shows up on the scales at 196.8, so that’s 23 lbs down from where I started.

The weekend was scheduled as gardening time but of course I still have my workshop to get into and get on the bikes as I’m only a month out from my first events. Plenty to do!



A ton of clean up to do

The current weather is as per forecast and not conducive to getting anything done of an outside nature but maybe this afternoon Jessie will come over and explain the mysteries of Adobe Photoshop to me as I’m computer illiterate !


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