Even though I still have 6 weeks to go I feel I’m slipping behind my own personal time frame to find the
last 8 sections for Day 2 of the Escalante 2 Day Trial. 5 of the Day 1 sections are all cut out and just
need ribbons and cards and are ready to ride. The loop is already marked, and the other 7 sections are nominated and only need branch removal and are good to go.
Day 2 has “The Graded Climb”, “Spud Trench”, “Bottle House”, and the  “Honey I’m Home” section
covered in a earlier article. Bottle House has yet to be cut and finished but is a definite as I like the
shape and location.

A blunder down the fast drying Lost Canyon Creek reveals 4 and perhaps 1 more if I throw in a bonus.
The river bed sure is overgrown but nothing that secateurs and the logging saw can’t handle.It then
peters out into the mundane and doesn’t provide any worthwhile stuff for the quality of the ITSA rider.

Looking back from the Ends card of the second sub in Lost Canyon

The start of 3 in Lost Canyon Creek

Looks and feels like I’m standing on the back of some enormous petrified
pre-historic crocodile

Up on the hillside 4 more are found but as with any cliff section they are difficult to get to and it would
depress 3’s and 4’s before they even got to the start zone so they have been thrown out.

A great section, but in the too difficult basket I’m afraid 

2 did make the Trialsmaster’s cut and are included. As with all of this virgin land mass the early trials
rider settlers need to cut and hack their way through a ton of vegetation to get to the gold bearing
section mother lode. Here they are in their natural state but will have the master’s touch to make them
safe and rideable.

Down this one

2’s across the top of this, 1’s through the gap by the tin can, 3 & 4 out
wide and up the hill. Over the second rock for the 1 liners

This next one was the “find of the day” and has it all. A good start rock for 1 & 2 with 3 &4 getting a ride
round, then the main climb with some natural split cards for various ability levels on the way up to the
exits as 3 & 4 turn out earlier to their finish. Its called “Tin Can Alley”

Needs some gardening but 1 & 2 up the crack in the rock

3 & 4 where I’m standing

Let the climb begin

Up close and personal …… “Tin Can Alley”

Back down on level ground time to link “Bottle House” and “Podium” together to form a continuous
double sub for your pleasure. We go round the back of Bottle House, a 180 left turn in their garden
and Bar-B-Q area and come in over their attempt at an early Adobe Wall. From there we link into the
Podium which has its own show jumpers finish over naturally graded line hazards.

Start round the back of “Bottle House”

The Adobe wall

The second sub of “Podium”

3 & 4 come through the gap in the wall and cross to the line dependant

By now its at the hottest part of the day, sweat is dripping in my eyes, and I’m down to my last bottle of
Gatorade. The mind sees nothing but a frostie and as I force my dehydrated body back to the car I’m
thinking of an old black and white wartime movie where our classic British actors struggle to get an
ambulance and themselves out of the  Egyptian desert and back to Alexandria where they can see a
foaming ICE COLD LAGER. It starred John Mills and Slyvia Simms and was called …………………

Sometimes a Gatorade just won’t crack it !

It was GOOD, very good……. may I have another?



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