Getting more exciting by the day

July 2nd, The Tour de France rumbles on, so does my life or what’s left of it. Riding to start then some more bed prep before getting those plants in. Ordered some “Moms” which are not my favorite plant but they can go in the center bed and continue to flourish long after my demise. The advantage of Perennials, is course they come back year after year, but in my case according to the Cancer experts I’m an annual and I won’t be coming back!

Just waiting for my phone to charge before setting off for another 20 with the hope of converting that into 30 by close of play.

Morning run done!

26.70 for the morning run and after some excellent weeding and old plant removal another afternoon run takes me to 33.57 for the day. Tomorrow just might be a full gardening day but the weather will no doubt decide the course of events.

On target

Saturday and as promised after an amazing Stage 8 of Le Tour time for some serious gardening which went very well and I finished the Pool Bed . Tomorrow another manic mountain stage with a summit finish, assuming any of them still have anything left in the legs! After that I shall be planting and weeding for all I’m worth and then as Monday is The Tour’s first rest day I’ll be cycling!

That’s more like it
A bit of color
The Lilly has gone mad!

Day 2 in the Mountains for the Tour riders, and Day 2 for those involved in planting! Just about everything that I wanted to do gets done so I’m ready to get back on the bike and see what I have left. Still VERY bitter about the prognosis and ongoing care which seemed to be entirely lacking?? I’m really not surprised that Cancer is such a killer as this is all we have to combat it and then we just give up?? It’s fucking appalling ! Can’t help but wonder why we are not doing periodic scans to see how things are progressing, along with blood tests to check the tumor index and other markers. I’m afraid being told to go home and die doesn’t really crack it.

With planting nearly complete back to the miles and a third day of 30+ miles takes me through 1100. More planting to come when I’ve got this lot flourishing. The bed is just too dry and is sucking all the moisture out of my freshly planted flowers.

Win No 31

They say you can’t make a comeback? well Mark Cavendish would say otherwise as today he knocked up his third stage win of this years Tour!

Then No 32
First day after the “Rest Day” win No 33

The top side of my center bed is nearly finished but its hard work watering everything as the ground really needs such a lot of rain. Another 24 Vincas went in this afternoon and much watering followed. I hope they are all standing in the morning.

Top side of Center Bed planted

Bottom side of the bed weeded again and now water sprinkler on full flow to moisten up the ground as its sucking the life out of my new plants.

Ready for planting again

Meanwhile in France the Tour continues to amaze as the new riders seem to be good at everything! Today’s winner over a double climb of Mon Ventoux was yesterday’s runner up to Mark Cavendish in the sprint!!

Belgian Champion and complete all-rounder Van Aert

Thursday and another flat stage with a sprint finish but a breakaway takes it with the peloton finishing over 14 minutes behind! Yesterday must have been tougher than we thought! Road work continues out front but they should be on their last run through and today could be the last day.

Friday 7/9/21 and the plants are happier and all standing up, the power of water! Someone else is also very happy as he wins the Sprint in the Tour

He has finally done it!

Good ride for 26.15 this morning, should be no problem making the 30+ for the day.


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