With less than 2 months to go things of a Rally nature start speeding up! I just have the stretch from
Ridgway to Silverton to ride collecting “clues”  and then wander into the 6 bars on the route and tell
them what we have in mind for the big day when the Amazing Race style clues come into play.

Had another little mindless brainwave this morning and thought that with a “suitable clue” we could
have a couple of hidden “Immunity Idols” in the form of Travelocity gnomes burried somewhere
around the 250 mile route. These would act as a “Fast Forward” and the finder can by pass all other
clues and go directly to the Pit Stop and score a bonus Wild Card. Of course if I hide them too well it
might ruin the whole thing.

Immunity Idols ?

Next up is “acquiring” some of these Travelocity Gnomes. They come in 3 sizes, 8″, 13″ and 18″,
sounds like First, Second and Third to me! ….the big problem is getting anyone at Travelocity to pick
up the phone in their Corporate HQ and the airport hold music is driving me mad. All I have to do is
find someone in “power’ who rides a Hardley Ableson and I might be in business!

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes

While out on the last bit of Census business one of my planned “Road Block” clues and tasks, which
took me a long time to find, has been dismantled maybe through winter damage and might have to be
deleted if it is not repaired in time. Another excuse for a ride to find a replacement. To that end the
Beemer finally saw day light again yesterday and is now outside the house waiting for a spit and
polish before setting off in pursuit of those final clues. Hoping to have around 40 for the
Treasure/Scavenger Hunt portion so about 10 to find.

Be prepared for a summer storm in the mountains

Even though we are a bit behind the posters need to be coming our way and get them to the
Dealerships and all the big touring clubs to get some entries. Every day I’m seeing masses of bikers
riding past so rather than just enjoying the scenery and the road itself the thought of a quest in the
form of a Rally should appeal to some of them.

So as we get closer, don’t leave it until the last minute, time to get on the phone and make some
reservations, we have RV sites, tentsites,  and the town has a handy motel for the non camping

Make those reservations

More news as it breaks.


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