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The Quest continues post Chemo, and even a surprise ride on Thursday which I hadn’t planned on, as the Thursday has always been a recovery day during the last 12 sessions especially with the infuriating bag.

With 3 days of hospital visits I effectively lost 2 days riding, but none the less added another 148 miles to the total with 39.42 today, in what turned out to be near perfect conditions, despite what the forecasters had in mind.

Supposedly cool, about mid 60’s and windy. Started at 36F when I got up but steadily climbing. Shorts or thermals? Only 10/11 and 220 already done.

Well it just got more and more windy with leaves and dust blowing everywhere and not very warm! Project abandoned for the day !

Into the new week, FREEZE Warning! down at 29F but now climbing and still windy ….. won’t be long, but the forecast says 70’s for the rest of the week.

Eventually on the road around 1115 and it really is lovely, the wind isn’t too bad, not too cool either and the light thermals are the right kit. 24.89 for the morning run then home to feed and walk dogs. Now need those “extras” I missed yesterday in the high winds and I’ll be back on track.

Finished on 37.55 for the day  by 1530, now off to the hospital

It seems the other growth was not a tumor but an ugly polyp thing that my Doctor says should be removed, but surgery is not the way to go while under chemo. Well we will wait and see if it shrinks during the treatment and then reassess after the next set of scans.

This “one” isn’t mine but the pictures he showed me are very similar   ugly little brute!

Little windy this morning but temps on the way up. Need to do some car research and work out what I need to sell. Looks like my shotguns will be going along with the Giant MTB which I don’t seem to use

Great bike for someone, be on Craig’s List soon.

Another delightful day and the “Trees” have taken over having sat and watched all the flowers growing and blooming and now they are saying “Now it’s our turn!”

Back to shorts and shirt today and another 27.70 takes me to 4206.89 as we continue the upward climb.

Busy day doing all manner of things and never got to have a ride, well no matter, I was feeling a bit tired. Cleaned the MTB and got that on Craig’s list and Facebook and also did the same with the Beemer for Facebook and tomorrow that can go on Craig’s List as well. Quick check on the Safari and the engine batteries haven’t charged again so I suspect a blown fuse somewhere as the house batteries are up there at 13.40 volts and are in constant charge from our power source. Might be something for Jack ?

Looks like the weather is changing with freeze warnings and strong winds again and I think I’m suffering from feeling depressed and unwanted. Weight is still down at an all time low of 165.4 as I just waste away! Life is NOT enjoyable!!

If I set my sights just a little lower I could be up to 4600 by the end of the month which would be good so we will see what can be achieved.

The 2018 run made landfall 100 miles from the coast at 4644

Managed to get out there and fight the wind for another 26.42 which puts me at 4233.31 so by tonight I should be within 400 miles of that target.

Last night not good for me with a few side effects, liquid filling of the bag (twice) some very strange dizziness, and one bout of nausea which I put down to dehydration. Well never mind, as I’m told I can do nothing right, and even my future car choices are unacceptable for Colorado, I will just blunder on and see if those Pearly Gates are over the horizon.

Seems they like it too

Almost there and time to try R.I.P.

Cooler and a fair bit of wind but I got back on track with a good couple of rides and banged in another 39.42 which puts me in sight of 4300 which I will hopefully pass through tomorrow, all being well and hopefully no more nausea.

No Gates today!

Saturday and down at freezing but zero wind and what looks like another demi pleasant fall day. After yesterday’s efforts only 27.27 to crack the banner. Warming up, better get out there! Not too bad out there on the open road and another 38.35 for the day and 105 for the last three days. Total now 4311.08      and on we go!






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