The mission to get around the Equator in my lifetime continues and is a welcome relief from all the other World problems of an Imbecile President, the Coronavirus pandemic, and a badly handled Police murder against a Black man in handcuffs, which then resulted in yet more violence and looting.

A ridiculous farce, with ALL the evidence ON CAMERA, they could, and should, have ARRESTED them ALL THAT DAY !

“Oh, by the way hows that WALL coming on ?”

Sharpie, sharpie!

Well enough of that, my own personal social distancing continues unabated from my Infinity saddle of the S-Works Roubaix which is having its own mayhem from mini thorns which I’m collecting on a daily basis …… 7 punctures in 4 weeks this year and none at all in 2019.

I’m finding these on a daily basis !

OK, I went for it as the tube changing is becoming a pain

Hopefully the answer to the Maiden’s prayer

Two more this morning! Where the F*** do they keep coming from? No matter, our intrepid cyclist will not be put off by minor setbacks and is on the road again …….

Quickstep outfit and the “blackcat”

Big changes in the weather for the weekend with thunderstorms, high winds and 90% chance of heavy rain …… clearly not a riding weekend so settle in with the blog. Even some talk of down to freezing on Monday night!

The last week went pretty well and by end of play on Monday 6/1/20 the total for the year was a happy 1232.45

6/1/2020 with 1232.45 in the bag

Tuesday became an all gardening day with a lot of work completed on the top side of the center fir tree bed. A lot more done than I had planned on doing but the result was good!

Covered in the dreaded arsebine

…… but wait, there’s more …….. and a lot more!

1 Day later

Getting there

Front of House complete with baskets and some replacement firs

Shade Garden ferns all in

Slow build up but coming …….

Wheelbarrow  done!

After the Tuesday weeding day, time for some more miles, with some mini gardening tasks to fill in. The peonies get re-tied, cables and water pipes all buried, and the corners of the center bed are continued after some bed watering.

Get ‘er done

3 days of over 30 miles a day runs the total up to 1324.06 by close of play on Friday afternoon …… now the weather is awful and forecast to get worse, although just at this minute it’s sunny but very windy.

How nasty is that ?   Made it round the corners on both ends so could finish today or tomorrow 

Assbine, assbine wherefore art thou ?

The main forecast for damaging thunderstorms did not happen and the skies cleared, it became reasonably warm, but very windy, and a lot of falling branches. Too windy for me on the bike so back to the weeding which was actually quite pleasant as the soil was in perfect condition to complete the task.

Sunday 6/7/20 and weather much the same, very windy, but other than cycling,  acceptable for more of the weeding! Might get the job close to finished if I can crack on ?

Good session up to lunch break for coffee, quite enjoyable insomuch that with perfect soil you can see what you are doing as the bed gets cleared.

Coming to the final stretch of the edging

Almost there!

Full blown afternoon with good progress, and in celebration of 6/6 beachheads established on all targets by 1600 hours.

So here we are approaching the beaches at Normandy…. to your left… the British attack Sword with the Canadians on Juno by the two white stepping stones. British take Gold by the two grey rocks in front of the salvia . Americans take the right on Omaha and Utah

Mission to be completed tomorrow when we forge inland ….. good job men!

The dawn raid went in and met severe opposition with dense tangled assbine in trenches between the rocks. Damage was heavy and progress very slow in the arduous conditions. Defences included mass root clumps under more rocks and grass interspersed between growing plants and weeds of all descriptions. The center section is now cleared as we await reinforcements to finish off the right side and clifftops. Weather conditions are reported as sunny with a strong swirling wind from the West and North west.

By 1600 the beds were finished as temperatures went down in the increasing wind. Not sure how cold it got but the forecast was 28F and hanging baskets and other frail summer plants came into the Inn for overnight refuge.

Some early roses from the Rose Bed

Today not much warmer but we will be back to the 80’s in a couple of days. So, here we are at Tuesday 6/9 after 3 non riding days and its back to the hospital this morning for yet more blood letting before the team decide whether I’m back on the pills. Good time for a quick drive-by at Walmart and see if they have any more Dianthus and my favorite Ice plants.

Blood work complete, drive by at Walmart revealed no new plants so patience is a virtue and I’ll wait for later in the week when it warms up as currently its only 47F !!! Snow in the mountains and over 12″ at Alta and Snowbird in Utah….. and they are actually skiing!

Tuesday becomes the 4th non riding day in a row due to these awful winds, but another day at the garden resulted in the bed being finished, weeds (formally the lawn) mowed, other areas around the property strimmed and slot 5 cleaned up for a new resident.

So today, the winds seem calm, the temps are on the way up and those miles will soon be in the book. After the 4 day layoff the legs did not complain and I was able to hit 34.18 miles for the day and still make it home in one piece.

Good one!

Now as Albert reminds me time to press on with the task and enjoy the better weather now that I’m garden free for a few days

C’mon Al !

Good morning run and pleasant lunch, now time for another run at Walmart and a few more plants are home just after 1500 so time to get out there again and smack another 36.60 on the nose. Planting tomorrow!

Very good,       70+ miles in 2 days!

The planting is done, and some serious watering as the temps are way up and indeed when I eventually get out there both temps and wind are high! That bloody wind makes everything hard work and although a straight 30 would have been nice for a 100 in 3 days all I could muster was 23.33 for the afternoon which brings the total up to 1418.17 for the year. The Grand total for getting around the Oblate Spheroid, or Earth, is now 12,809.10 so lookout 13K !

12,809.10 and still going despite the bloody wind!




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