Off we go again

 Up bright and early, and things on the face of it are looking good…… should be on the road by
0730 for the 700 mile leg to Trinidad Co. Despite being up at 0530 I can not do what I need to
and now we are forced to wait until people come to work at 0800. Finally around 0900 we leave
having completed a simple but infuriating insurance task. Now on the “walk round” the new front
tires don’t look good enough and they have only 95 in them and require 120. First stop can’t
inflate them, as like me, they only have a 120 tank. After the second stop we finally have 120 !

An awful lot of them!

So now it’s 0930 and we get under way having wasted two and a half hours. The route along
I40 is blowing a gale with 30-40 mph crosswinds and gusts and a shower of rain every 10 mins
or so. As we pass Holbrook a huge contingent of Harley’s enter the freeway, however this group
are actually dressed for the ride unlike so many Harley riders we see. The outside temp is dropping
and by the time we get to Grants New Mexico it’s cold at 45 and still very windy.

Yuk weather on I40

Time for an oil change, which only takes 15 mins tops, but another 40 to do the paperwork as
they have a new computer system and they require everything from Vin number to inside leg
measurement! Now we have another problem the oil change package includes the FUEL FILTER
that nobody had last year when it plugged up and of course I have already changed it. So now
they have to give it to me as they can’t deduct the price from the service!

Finally through Albuquerque but now with the time change everyone has gone home and rush
hour is over. Once again decide Trinidad is out of the question so decide on Las Vegas (NM) as
the night stop and enjoy the scenery and the fresh snow on the hills. Nice to see all he trees and
bushes coming into bud, but where are all the flowers that covered the median last year?

The Train, The Train! What stops in Vegas stays in Vegas

Friday morning and the weather is much more pleasant so we are on the road early and make
good time along I25. They have actually finished the roadworks in Colorado Springs and no hold
ups in Denver either! We arrive in Milliken at our planned ETA and sail into our berth next to Ed
and Evelyn. Only bad news for Brenda is the lillacs have all bloomed and withered this year so
nothing for the vases in the coach.

How High? Stadium

Out with the bikes and time to see what is on offer for tomorrow and whether I can get round 6
loops in the time frame. From what I can see on my first look it’s a short course and not too
difficult. Some of the water/mud sections could get nasty as the overflow from the reservoir is
seeping down to the farm and a section that had been laid out earlier is now completely under
water, including all the tapes!

Eventually find the layout team who are working on 8  & 9 and seem to have everything just
about wrapped up. Yes I think it’s worth a try so it will be Cub first then switch to the Enfield and
see how much I can get done in the remaining time.

Take the Enfield out for a test ride and things are looking up apart from the obvious of being
much heavier than any trials machine I can ever remember. A gentle potter around and then try
for something a little more adventurous. Down in the lower field there is a big pit with some high
banks and tires and debris in the bottom so this will be good for some classic practice. It chuffs
down and goes up the banks OK so now let’s add a few turns in the bottom to make the climbs
tighter…….  down the hill, turn, across the dry bottom when …….suddenly and without any
warning the back sinks right down to the swinging arm and I can see the whole surface of the
pit MOVING!! This is just a crust over something really NASTY….. no way back and with the front
wheel still on the surface I gingerly move forward and get out. Later I retell this story and they
tell me 3 motor crossers were in there recently and got stuck…. they managed to get ropes on
2 of the bikes and get them out but the third SUNK!

A little NASTY after the “nearly” in the hole

Tony Down …… and nine dogs and a happy wife with Full power!

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