Saturday morning and for once this week I’m up bright and early with a ton of things to do before our
1100 start time. Would I run a 50 section event in the future ?  Answer not sure, but this weekend we
will give it a try and see how the riders like it.

Talking of riders, how many of those “interested parties” will show ?…. a few drifted in yesterday
afternoon, there have been several in the “yes box” and also many with the “prior committment” so
always interesting to see what actually happens come the day. The Trialsmasters are having a
sweepstake to see who is closest to the final number and with anything new you can never tell. For prospective Trialsmasters, apart from the 1.5 MILES of tape that we used,  over 80 MAN HOURS has
been spent to this point and we still have the route fine tuning to do before that 1100 go……… and of
course post event the tear down and clean up.

The jungle telegraph tells us there are some on their way, fact or fiction ? 20 would be a nice number
for an opening event but of course there will be some who are waiting to see “how it went” before
joining in the fun at the later rounds.

Something we haven’t seen before at the start with a new creation and entry into the Twinshock class
in the form of a converted Yam TW200 ?  Just see what you can do to one of “these”

A standard Yam TW200

Now rethink it, get a different set of forks, a front wheel with a drum brake, a few frame mods, some
rear shocks, and you have converted your 4 stroke “sheep herder” into a modern TS  trialer, not
forgetting a SM seat unit to really confuse everybody.

A “Baker Award” candidate ?

The groups are formed, punches issued, route briefed, let the fun begin. I’m riding as Trialsmaster,
travelling marshal so lets see some of the action. A few sections close to the start soon get everyones
attention as the first few nervous dabs are squandered on some loose dirt adverses.

5, 6, and 7 look daunting but ride easier than they look while 9, a D section, causes mayhem for the
Nov class. A big V entry between two bluffs into a gentle right hand uphill adverse turn caused the
problems. Too high and too far left for the right turn had the front wheel trying to climb out of the loose
and then the bank and dead grass crumbled before a decent line could be established.

3 more sections behind the tricky 9D and time to see how 10B rides with Ed at the helm. The section
rode better than it looked with Jim Lipscomb taking an unusual but effective line while Woolfy and Ed
chose the more conventional attack.

Ed drives the Fantic through the lower rubble of 10B

With 11 and 12 to finish the group time for some loop riding to the furthest offerings somewhere close
to the main gate. 13A  was Experts only while 14B had tempting left and right lines and here we see
Tom taking his “winter rebuild” through to good effect (I think he’s been practicing !!)

Woolfy at the turn on 14B, now high or low ?

Low it is

The Historic Experts are having a nip and tuck battle similar to this year’s SSDT and after 2 loops are
tied on the same score and the same number of cleans! At 15A which was their hardest section John
and Travis do battle for the last time with Travis just getting the upper hand.

John tries the planned dab ……. doesn’t go too well !

Travis gets to turn two but the real fun begins…..

   I follow the Int division into the deep loose of 18C which rides a little easier on loop 3. At 20B (our
pipeline) a criss cross in nasty loose shale type rocks rounding another loose right hander before
setting up for a straight attack along the red ribbon or a centralised attack up the rock steps. Both runs
worked and once again rode easier than they looked.

Ed prefers the steps route

Woolfy follows

20 done, just the last 5 down at the start so a bit of a breather here and surely no-one can get lost on
this part of the loop. There were a few trying to stake an entry for our special award of the
“Vasco da Gama Cup” for the rider with the worst performance following the loop.

21 is an “A” so the Ints tackle 22B with a fallen tree crossing into an uphill rock step followed by a tight
left hander in pine needles, and with the Experts already through some new rock debris on the line.

Ed takes a “tippey toe” in 22B

Tom looking good on 22B but……… pine needles for a few marks!!

23C I now think I made too easy at the first turn and should have made it tighter although the Novices
probably think it was just right. Everybody clean here with Jim Lipscomb finishing the loop and day 1

Smooth controlled run up 23C for Jim Lipscomb

The day is done, results very much as I pedicted, Experts winner on 29, Int just under par at 12 with
Tom Maddux, and an inspired ride by Neal Newby for 17 in Novices. Awards done, cook out by John
and beers all round wrap up day 1.

During the night the wind got up and I mean up and I would guess 70mph gusts as we were all
woken by rocking RV’s !!  I’m thinking 3/4 mile of red and blue ribbon everywhere and a ton of work to
do early morning.

The wind blown Rv’s at the start are checked for damage, …the trial goes

About a 50 min delay while route marking and section setting and repairs are done for day 2. I had to
make a new “E” section as enthusiastics had torn down a section I was planning on renumbering. I’m
3/4 way through taping when I hear a familiar “ticking”…..?????   Is it the wind blowing through the
dead sage ? …… No, its a Rattler advising me of his presence and I see the 2” thick monster under a rock…….. the section became a little narrower at this point !!


One more coffee and I’m nearly under way on the Cub for her 2012 debut………. but having filled the
new tank for the first time it is leaking and too hazardous to ride. Rather than change cards I elect to
ride with Ed and Jim and take SG out on the Int line which is what I would have ridden on the Cub.

Tom Maddux (Woolfy) has elected to mix it with the big boys today and is riding Expert. Everything else
is much the same. …….. Well I did notice that yesterday’s 4A is still up ?

We make it round the simplified loop to section 3 and after that the fruitless search begins for 4B !
Obviously 4B fell victim to the storm or from over zealous clean up from yesterday and may account for
yesteday’s 4A still being around. No matter we ride 9 and that will do.

Six of the nine are all clean as Ed and I arrive at our number 7 which is 16C. When we came to lay
this out I wanted a right turn half way up the climb and then a gentle, but loose long left hander to the
exit. That got poh-pohed and 2 v 1 said straight up and out. OK I said. The Fantic took Ed up for a 2 but
I eased off for the blind turn and ended up with a spinning jumping 5.

No problems over at 20C a double left right sequence through the trees over rocks and now we are at
22B a fairly nasty downhill on a cliff edge to a right turn out up a steep rock groove. No wheel tracks at
the top so our experts didn’t find this to their liking. Ed takes a 5 and I end up with a scrabbly 3 but it
can be done.

First loop totals show the Experts on 10 each with Woolfy right there on 14. Ed is on 7 and I’m right
behind on 8. ( Don’t you just love competition) Equally tight in the Nov group with yesterday’s winner
Neal on 13 tied with Walt,  and Sec John only one behind on 14.

Out for loop 2 and I take a very dumb line on 3 for a dab and almost a second but I don’t quite touch
and the “air dab” doesn’t count. Ed dabs the next while I’m clean and Jim calls it quits after dropping
the bike on his knee outside the section. Ed and I cruise round cleaning all until Ed dropped it in the
sand of 13C. We both have a 5 in that horrid 16C but we are getting closer. Over at 22B I nearly make
it for the dab but the result is a 5 which Ed shares as well. Loop 2, 11 for me and 16 for Ed. Travis has
crept away in Experts losing only 7 while John and Woolfy both lose 13. The Nov group are still tied in
battle with 6 points blanketing all 3 with Walt holding the advantage.

Final loop goes pretty well for me with much better rides on most, until the new front brake cable
loses the nipple after 5 sections in. Ed had a scrabble in 5C when a rock moved badly and created an
unwelcome 2 and 3 more on the wall of death sand at 13C. At 16C I have a better run but it stands up
at the end and dumps me gently in an oak thicket. Ed nearly made it but did manage to walk out with
both feet on the same side. Both clean on 20C, no braking required, and now 22B for the last time.
Well I can’t slow it down down the steps so I try and walk it down and creep through for a 3 but over
shoot the turn for the 5. Ed fairs no better so we finish on 10 and 15.

In Experts John takes the loop on 9 with Travis on 10. The Novices are still battling with John and
Walt both on 8 with Neal slipping back on 12. Overall an interesting group with Walt and Neal
swopping wins and thirds with John on 2 solid second place finishes.

So that wraps up 2 days of ITSA Trials with a big thanks to all involved, namely; Ed and Evelyn, John
and Brenda and to Joe Barton for the free use of his land.

Now you have seen it, smelt it and it some cases eaten it, pass on the WORD and lets double up
at every event as we go through the season.


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