The convict is back to his rock pile and the daily grind begins! With my¬†decision made and not to go to Sipapu this weekend life now switches to trying to complete Scuffy’s new resting place. The 17 tons of river rock and sand are quite a challenge and my 70 year old arms and shoulders are feeling the effect. (excuses, excuses!)


“17 tons …. and what’ya get? …… another day older and deeper in debt”


With the boat level, the wall rebuilt, wasp nests eradicated, and all the debris from rotting railroad ties in the bin the layout can begin. Two bridges had to be built as the wall has a drainage channel through a massive pipe under the driveway.


Basic layout and design set

A new bed around the Maple tree will join into the “wake” plumes that I will construct with the bright gold sandstone which has other stone compressed into it .



Borders around the wake and the forward section are laid out and yet more wheelbarrow loads of sand and smaller rock are humped in. A new set of steps are built by the engine and small gravel is collected and laid in the flower bed drainage channel.



Steps go in



Gravel drainage under the bridge

Up front attractive rock is placed in the headstone area and the biggest rocks form the bow wave. More egg sized pretty rocks are collected and washed. With everything formed up all that remains is the placing of the rocks and then the fine tuning of the smaller rocks to fill in all the natural gaps.


Up front


Bow waves created


More gold nuggets!


If only it were GOLD!

Once this is done and I’m happy, the Bimini top (now painted black) will be correctly relocated and provide suitable shade to the party goers enjoying adult beverages.


Bimini gets a coat of black

By Monday I should be on the hunt for suitable plants to decorate the entire edifice. None of the garden centers seem to be having a perennial sale as yet but I can’t believe they are going to keep them much longer as some are beginning to look a little leggy and moth eaten!

So tomorrow, as I enter the last week of summer vacation, it will be time to sift the rock pile and see what is still hidden in the last 5-6 tons that are spreading their way over the drive. Then lay the last side and attend to minor details.


The last side is finished


Bow waves in


All done with about 5 tons leftover

The last side gets done after unearthing many more of the bigger and interesting rocks. With the mission almost complete time to call Casey and get the remaining pile off the drive.


Driveway clear!

A good collection of bigger rocks appear as we sift our way through and dump the pile over on my proposed vegetable garden (one day, one day!) 45mins later we are done and all I need to do is wash my new found gems.


Nice big rocks for other projects


Gorgeous colors


Yet more nuggets

They wash up good!¬† Now “The Hunt for Red Plants That Last Until October” Better ask Sean Connery.


“Yuri I’m looking for some Red plants for October”

Lets see what he recommends and the “Das Boot” saga will continue next time.







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