First time out at San Ysidro on Superglitz

Time to review the upcoming rounds of Mountain West and what and where I will be going this year. Since we left San Ysidro in the rain the weather has been just that with rain nearly every day for the past 3 weeks. 4 more working School Days then 2 + months of paid time off to attend to gardening and many personal projects.

Just been asked by the Town about the Escalante 2 Day and told them NOT this year! After last year’s debacle physical laying out of trials is a thing of the past. So this year the 2 months spent cutting the loop and sections will be spent on other things and maybe a little fishing and other pleasurable activities, although Casey did tell me he has cut some trails to join one side of the property to the other and wanted me to join him for a runaround which I might well do. You might remember that last year I could not get a soul to help even with a demo for the TV people!! …….. and then NOTHING but complaints as they couldn’t clean everything on the first loop.

Today it has rained solidly for 12 hours and its been cold and bloody miserable all day but we did have our mason back in fitting some very nice stone trim pieces in the main lounge/stairway area and in the bathroom just to pull everything together. My plan had been for some spannering in the workshop but it can wait a day.

Plan for the Season, at the moment, looks like this:

CASPER                               20/21 June


Without doubt my favorite venue


Last year on “No Excuses” with the oil leaks

SIPAPU                                18/19 July


Never had my best rides here! Some memorable crashes though!!


Try again this year

TURKEY ROCK               19/20 September


Not much of a trials year by previous standards but it may re-fire the confidence to do a bit more next year if my shoulder plays ball. A far cry from 10 years ago when it was 10 events in AZ with CAT and another 12-16 with AHRMA and the Rocky Mountain Group.



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  1. Tony, You need to ditch that outdated waist pack. No one uses them anymore. Go out and buy yourself a Camelbak back pack. Try a Camelbak “Blow Fish.” It will hold everything you need plus give you hydration. I enjoy your Blog. Peace.

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