Cub Ready!

With all the “rules” talk I decided to ride the Cub in Classic this year, then there can be no
argument, not that I thought there would be anyway. So a full blown attack on that division
this season and at the same time an attack on the Prem Hwy Int Class riding the RE on the PI
line as I’m not yet sure I could hump it round on the 2.

Bullet……. nearly ready

Some new kit including the latest Jitsie Black/White pants and a new semi waterproof pair of
Sidis in White. A new silver helmet would be nice but I can’t find one that I like so stick with the
tried and true. The new kit was purchased to fit the new “body” after an extensive rebuild on
the “nutri-system” diet which it has to be said clearly works and I’m now 20 lbs lighter than I
was this time last year!

The new Jitsie Pants….Ooooooh!

….and a new pair of SIDIs

Choccie puddy too!

I enjoyed the Trialsmaster duties at AZ Cycle Park but would have loved to have ridden, but of
course I did try all the sections so I know what the most likely score would have been. The CAT
opener was alright but I never really got settled on the bike for some reason and although I
didn’t ride badly the results were not as good as I would have expected. The second CAT Trial
went 10 times better and I felt totally in control and the score was closer to where I wanted to
be, save for stalling, on a relatively easy piece of a section when I had it in the bag.

On form Table Mesa

Sunday will be time to prep the transporter, dump the tanks and not make last years mistakes
with the valves. Time for a once over wash, get those tires up to the pressures and then all
aboard on Monday ready for a Tuesday departure. Plan to get to DD’s on Wed night and then
have a pleasant Thursday before the event on Friday. Saturday will of course be sampling the
Po-Boys before the 2 day 1400 mile sprint home.

Last year at DD’s

The Train on time again

Bring on the Shrimp Po-Boys…….

2 weeks and then over to Perris CA where we have a bit of an unknown in so much that there
isn’t much real estate that looks trials like as the motorcross course seems to have swallowed it
all up. A real shame when we look back at what we had at Perris Trials Land a few years ago,
never mind I’m sure Rob Poole will find something to challenge us with.

The superbus “Beaver Enterprize” will be going in for a whole new load of woodwork and panels
as the beautiful inlaid panels have started to peel off. After a “small” discussion Monaco elected
not to have a class action law suit against them and their flagship product so have agreed to
replace 14 panels at their cost! Should have that all in as they are being crated this week, and
about 4 days to fit, before we set sail for the 2 day at Cotopaxi. Tucker Ranch (Cotopaxi) was a
first class event last year when it was just part of the Rocky Mountain series and has now been
upgraded to a 2 day AHRMA National, so maybe a few more riders to make it what could be a
humdinger. Brenda will be on hand taking photographs of all so look for them on her web if you
are riding.

Having fun at Cotopaxi 2007

Ed has also devised a team competition which should add a bit of fun so get together and name
“yourselves” and find one Expert, one Int and one Novice. Looks like the Saturday night will be
similar to the Casper event with everybody contributing something for the table. It really is a
trials perfect piece of land so I’m expecting a great event with some improved riding now I’ve
tamed the Tiger Cub.

Ready and waiting.

Tony Down

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