Monday and now 45 cases, Tuesday/Wed 46

The weekend arrives, the Month clicks over into June, and like Trumpski Dumpski I will ignore all the World’s problems and self induced misery and concentrate on the simple things of life and things that I CAN control and make me happy.

I don’t have a bunker to hide in, and why would you turn all the lights out ? Perhaps its Vacant possession ?

My thoughts from that day

Friday was designated a PLANT DAY as hanging baskets and bedding plants had been purchased by the crowds of would be gardeners who followed the same guidelines as the toilet paper hoarders and sanitizer shelf clearers.    Yes, all gone! and  Vic, the owner of 4 Seasons Nursery, said they had been back for the “second wave” after the first purchases all died from the Frost!

So a disappointing start, not much better at City Market, and then   Walmart where there had been a recent delivery and we were able to replan a few beds in “the mind’s eye” ….. home with those, and yet more weeding to get things ready for the planting to come. No riding today but only about 32 miles for the 1200 marker and still 2 days to go.

Saturday and I bag another 18.21 to show willing and blast on with the Waterfall Bed annual weeding of grass and the dreaded assbine which is the bain of my gardening life. Brenda is back with the City market ferns and a few other bits and then sets off for Cliff Rose, our other nursery and manages to find our “2020” hanging baskets.

Sunday, my bed is ready for planting, but before I can set off to hit the 1200 mile marker I have another flat tire!!!! Out with the tube and try and find the leak at which point it EXPLODES in little bits of rubber ……. not a puncture after all, but a manufacturing fault.

Great start

Out into the blustery wind but pleasant 82F and knock out another 18.37 which takes me up to 1204.91 for the year.

Another Saxo Bank outfit

Walmart again and amazingly I’m through there in a flash and the garden center check out is working so no waiting in the lines ….. home within the hour and now ready for planting which goes on to 1830 when I’m done ….. only one hour to wait and the forecast rain starts coming down ……. pictures coming today!

Not the ideal day for photos, too many black clouds and a bit of swirling wind. Temps way up and a daily ride of 27.54 helps the total along.

Not many teeth left …… thanks, Cancer & Chemo

Tuesday and all seems well, wait for the sun to open up the ice plants and then the mass of pictures including, the Waterfall,  and my work to come with center bed weeding, irrigation pipes to be reburied, and 4, yes 4 bloody thorns in both tires!!!!!    …… into town for some different tires and more tubes.

Getting pissed off with this!

In this day and age is this Fake news ?

Tubes and tires in hand and home again but elect to start weeding on the top section of the center bed. This usually takes 4 days for the first session if enthusiasm can be maintained. Get more down than expected.

Waterfall bed all complete so let’s see where we are with that ….

The dreaded assbine!

….. and a load of grass

Some new dianthus

…. and an ice plant

Ice  plant and another dianthus

A couple more by the fish dish

Something for the frogs to smile about

weed free!




Hanging baskets and new firs

Better tie up the Peonies before they escape

irrigation and electric to bury before someone trips over

More tales from the garden coming soon ….. now change those tires and tubes



part time gardener and cyclist


















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