“I’m Back !”

From April to October the sleepy town of Dolores has its influx of the reverse snowbirds who come out
of Arizona and other southern climes to get out of the heat and enjoy the constant 80’s of the Colorado
summer. As these people are long term tourists of the retired variety then it will naturally follow that
parties will be the order of the day and once the party organizer “Lucille” arrives the duty list, with dates,
is drawn up and the NPL (National Party League) is set.

The format for these venues is fairly simple and cheap as all you provide are your own drinkies and a
communal dish for all and sundry. The host may provide a few games with poker, pool, horse shoes,
darts and heaven help us the dreaded Karaoke! The host may also provide a “Dish of the Day” to
which all the other goodies are added.

With parties usually set for the weekends the geriatric pool competitions switch to Wednesday
afternoon and believe me these are fiercely contested affairs with no quarter asked or given. So its
pool on Wednesdays, don’t be late!, and parties at the weekend.

The ladies discuss tactics

My coach tells me  “when you are 6 balls up never bank the Black!”

The Party season opened in April with Lloyd having an open house affair on a Saturday which stopped
the Hollywood dead in its tracks as all and sundry descended on the Lloyd abode. A bit chilly maybe
but horseshoes went on all afternoon and a fair bit of grilling wafted over all.

The season opener at Lloyd’s

Next up was Bob Hanson’s “all town fish fry” which started on a nice warm Saturday afternoon which
then got exceedingly windy and then poured down with rain at which point everyone ran for their cars
and went home. When we got back we were so cold we lit the fire!

Peggy from Texas had a couple of thrashes during the season in her lovely hill top home with the
confusing 9′ pool table! Peggy’s Brownies won the “Best in Brownie” competition and Brenda’s
“Deviled Eggs” vanished as soon as the saran wrap was removed. In the baked bean division the
judges decided Lyn’s “Sugar and everything” dish was a clear winner. A lot of excellent dishes to tempt
the sweet tooth members with some outstanding Rum cake and blueberry shortcakes from Pat and a
yummy cool whip thingey with mandarins and peaches from Darlene.

Peggy and Tom try for some vintage music

Brenda sizes up the tricky 9 foot table

Summer wound on with Lucille’s 2nd “Wake” at the Columbine in Mancos and for the second year
running Brenda walked away with the mixed pairs Pool Trophy. Meanwhile Lucille had been busy
grilling Brats in beer and loads of sauerkraut to compliment the offering.

Party Queen Lucille with 2 Time Champ Brenda

Another memorable affair was the selected clientèle only “Surf & Turf” cooked by Tommy at courtesy
of Pete and Pat’s luxury home. The downside to this one was the dreaded Karaoke which as many of
you know “I don’t sing” so once again Richard lll was saddled up and graced the floors with Lyn
becoming near word perfect by the end.

Hosts, Pete and Pat , ready for the “Surf & Turf”

Some of the surf

Tommy the cook takes a well earned break

The dreaded Karaoke

We had my “Birthday bash” with the smoker doing brisket and ribs and a generous gift of Crawdads
from a local fisherman who dropped a couple of baited traps in Pruitt Lake and hauled up about 100
lbs of the little beauties which we all enjoyed. For my part the “Obscene” Margarita glass ventured out
claiming another victim by days end and grumpy Lucille switched to my “mix” and she was going full
song until way past bedtime!

A trap full of Crawdads from the overnight soak

Crawdads, the Colorado Lobster

Full swing in the Shade Garden

The wind down and my Obscene Margarita glass

Grumpy switches to the Margarita mix and parties all night!

Bob Hanson had his “selected only” fish fry for friends where the weather cooperated at last and we
enjoyed more fish.Our local country band played all afternoon and Vicky arrived fresh from the “ER” after
going for a midnight walk on her second floor deck. Only problem here is although they have french
windows leading from the bedroom to the deck…. their deck is NOT yet built!!!  More fish a couple of
weeks later at Craig’s with a whole load of Texas caught delights from sea and lake alike.

……and the band played on at Bob’s fish fry

“Sleepless in Dolores” Vicky returns from her night time walk!

Winnie had to postpone her event but came good late in the season with a Sunday “Soupfest” all
topped off with the very dangerous rum cake!

Now the outside parties are done, the Saturday pool competitions have just started, and soon it will be
time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas thrashes to begin.


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  • 11/7/2009 10:50 AM Jeff Cunningham wrote:
    Hi Tony, my name is Jeff, I’m from Ohio. The reason I am on here is because I suddenly found an interest in vintage trials bikes. Searching the web I discovered your page. By the way, I really respect your dedication to vintage trials,and really enjoy reading your stories of past and present.
    Now a little about me, I’m 41 yrs old union carpenter, married, two daughters, raced dirt cars for the last 8 yrs but as a kid at 5 started on a z50 then at 15 I got a cr250 and raced a few motocross races and really enjoyed the competition. The last few years I have raced a few ahrma vintage motocross events mid Ohio, gatorback, diamond dons, on a kx400 and am almost done with a pursang #135. I kinda like the old Spanish bul so I have a question and right off hand don’t know anybody associated with vintage trials. Theres a bultaco sherpa #199a on ebay and its ending today I know I should not have waited till now to ask but is this bike legal in any events in ahrma? In their web page I can’t find the rules. Anyway thats the question I wanted to ask? Also feel free to give any expert advise to a beginner it will be much appreciated as I have absolutely zero experience with trials or the bikes. All for now Tony. Again since finding your web page I love stopping by everyday to see whet you’ve updated and learning about vintage trials & the bikes that we love.
    Thanks you for your time.

    Jeff Cunningham in Ohio
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  • 11/10/2009 5:25 AM web development wrote:

    looks like alot of fun!

    Thanks for bringing this up
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