Today I enter Spring Break Part III which means 3 days left to complete all the tasks I had in mind for
these 9 days off. So today will be a clean up of the waterfall ready to repair the major leak that started
last year. I doubt the leak will get fixed yet but as its dry I should be able to find it. Next issue will be the
conifer bed for a bit of weeding. On the bike side…… more lock for Superglitz and we are now down to
ONE week from the season opener at San Ysidro so I’d better get spares sorted for the Yam and put
them where I can find them……. no point in carting spares for every bike round as I’m going trailerless
(or whatever “less” you are supposed to do on spring break ?)  and need the space for sleeping.

Spring Break/Girls Gone Wild…………. but this is a Vintage site !!


Friday afternoon and over to Megan’s, the lady welder, and borrow her airline dremel tool which cuts
down the lock stops on the TY Mono yoke. Whether this will improve my score remains to be seen but
after today’s 10 mins saddle time I’m beginning to feel more at home back on a 2T after 6 years on the
Cub.  Only a week to go before loading next Friday night and then a few hours in bed before the 200
mile dash to the start. Boxes to sort out this weekend and of course a cooler for the other essentials
of food and beverage. Clothes and boots on the pax seat, air mattress and sleeping bag in the rear
and I should be good.

Delicate work to file down the lockstops

Brenda returns from shopping with a large box in the rear of the Cadi ? I suppose it was inevitable
so here comes the Saturday task to build yet another Gazebo. This one is just as frail as all the rest
but goes together quite simply ….. and if we think about it in time can be taken down and stored when
we close the shade garden next fall.

I wonder what is in here ?

Up she goes

The new gazebo is complete (top open for trailing hops) and a solid wood coffee table

Sunday and day 9 of the Spring Break. Just time for some minor detailing of the Gazebo and weeding
of the rose bed. Pleasing to see a little growth starting on some of the vintage roses we rescued last

The weeds are back

Bye bye weeds


Time to sort out the cooler which will be next weekend’s food and beverage box and has been outside
the workshop since my last fishing trip when it carried home the trout on ice for the table. Needless to
say in need of some serious cleaning and sterilization.

Cooler still works !!!

Just needs some Clorox

Brenda starts a new task …….. painting…….. coming soon

 So spring break 2013 comes to an end, a lot completed and of course plenty more to do as things
warm up, but a good start.


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