A weekend of intensive gardening and clean up and then the mind is gathering thoughts of planting
and getting the mower out to get the place looking ship shape for our “late” spring. Summer is just
around the corner, the dead looking grass is turning green again and growing like there is no
tomorrow. Tulips are pushing through, the rhubarb has reappeared and the clematis is making an
amazing recovery……. but then ……. IT SNOWED!!!

I don’t believe it !

Another week of misery for the gardener, show showers, low temps and high winds. More branches
down, fences looking sad, but the trees don’t seem to care and are taking on a greenish hue. Some
hectic work takes place at the pool and all the stinky water is replaced, soggy leaves removed and
the waterfall flows once more. Various sanders and wire brushes leave the workshop and Brenda
attacks the table and repaints all things blue with a more durable paint.

……. and then it starts! The sky changes color and goes a dirty grey tinged with pink and orange, the
wind increases and everything is on the move, trash bins roll by, yet more branches fall, piles of
leaves depart our garden for some one elses as the wind howls…… and of course it snows AGAIN
and is now a blizzard ……. when will it ever end?

In dawn’searly light the weather vane is no more as the winds exceeded it’s critical speed limit and
the welds attaching the vanes have all broken and the blades are we know not where!! The rest of
this week was much of the same with alternating periods of snow and cold high winds to chill the
very soul.

Beyond repair!

Today its Saturday and its bright and sunny and the trees are upright and the flag is still. The Broken
Spring needs some repair and we will try again. Colder and colder, and the wind continues and
every time I venture outside with good intentions I’m greeted with another snow shower! I give up.

Sunday and initially it looks better but early morning dog walking is less than pleasant ….. and then it
snows some more! Internal chores only and then time for Moto GP on speed…….. all set for a TV
lunch, and channel selected only to be greeted with some left over NASCAR truck racing where it has
been red flagged due to rain. Time moves on, but nothing else does and I’m stuck with interviews
from pick up drivers who all speak in plurals and put in as many sponsors names as they can in
between “loose” and “awesome”. The fascination of driving hi-speed in top gear on a left hand oval is,
I’m afraid beyond me! Another hour of this nonsense and no indication as to when Moto GP will come
on is doing nothing for my good humor. Finally some bikes but this is Moto 2 which is better than
nothing so now a long wait until the next screening on Tuesday morning.

Another week of the same, minus the snow so maybe this weekend will see some action.Finally the
mower emerges from it’s hibernation and another fun hour cleaning the primitive carb and then it
bursts into life and the first cut of the year is complete. A run to the local nursery and the duty hanging
baskets are brought home but after some outdoor sunshine that wind picks up and they are taking
too much of a beating and have to be brought in before they get destroyed. This morning, another
howling gale and as I type this its SNOWING AGAIN!!!

This year the SPRING has definitely broken!!


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