All Yamaha mounted today

Day 3 at Casper and today its ITSA only so we are back to buddy checking and once more its the trio
of Dan, Chris and myself doing battle on the 2 line. We start down in the remodeled creek which is
now minus all those giant logs which just floated off downstream. Looks a bit different but still a sort
of  similar section to those of the past.

Today we start on the Pits side go round the tree and drop down over a root jungle to get into the water.
Move to the other side amid the well washed golf ball sized white pebbles and round another tree.
Back down to the water with many choices of line before a blast up the steep grassy bank to the exit
jink. I lose my line amid all the rockery coming back down to the water and need a prod on the bank for
the final line up. Dan takes 1 as well with Chris cleaning it.

Lost my line coming across this lot !

Up the track and past yesterday’s opener and the and the once tiny single bike creek is now more like
a freeway with all the burnt away brush and the disintegrated rocks. Section 2 could easily have been
called the “Maze” as there are marker boards and splits everywhere and from the way they are
positioned there are a multitude of ways you can go and still be legal so its make a plan and try and
stick to it.

We drop in down the bank and cross the creek and can now either go straight up to the top of the
bank, or take an early turn back around a dead burnt tree to climb up on the original bank and
complete a left 180 turn before a jink between two more trees and then a full power burst up to the top
of the highest bank and pick a path through the burnt out stumps. Once up here select a down hill path
and round one more tree at the bottom in wash sand and idle out to the exit. Dan tries the early turn
which means he still has a card to pass on the far bank once he comes back down the hill. Can’t say
that I like the line much so I’ll try first card first, then lazy turn in the wash sand, drop down by the burnt
tree where I catch a roller and take and dab, and then up the hill and back down without problems.
Chris is not so lucky and after the burnt tree and plateau misses the jink split between the trees for a
classic 5 !

Dan takes his own line around the stump and straight in

I go up the main hill  and through the first split to turn in the wash sand

Getting steeper at the top

3 starts just after the finish of 2 with a drop into the water then up some loose marble rocks, cross to
the far bank which is all black ash then back to the center island for a looping turn, once more to the
far bank then back across everything one more time for a sharp climb out of the water and into a left
hand descender back into the water through some burnt trees. Last turn on the far bank then up to
the top. All goes to plan for me with a nice controlled clean.

The black ash on the far bank

Across the meadow and something a bit different with a very long ditch that the flood water has carved
out, would have been even better with water and mud…. but I’m biased. Exits all the way up, 4’s then 3’s
then us. Its a long ride but we are all through clean.

Down the hill and round the corner an old section from years gone by and today’s variation on the
theme are some simple turns through the upper trees then either a down up sequence or straight
across the ash adverse then into the big descent, left turn and back up. I have a “dummy” on the ash
while Chris and Dan go clean on the lower line.

A bit of loop riding and we are back at another tried and true. Blast up a steep hill, right turn into steep downhill S then continue down side hilling into right/left/right to exit.  A poor decision here as I elect to
tighten up the back brake and immediately stall the bloody thing after the S !!! Mary Poppins is on hand
” The hills are alive with expletives”  ….. however I did manage to grab the clutch and walk it out for a 3.

More loop along the bottom and into a series of old sections that neither the fire or flood has changed.
In the next two sections it might have helped my cause if it had! The first is a famous “Fred” tight turn
twister starting today at the back we come through a tree then along a bank turning back to cross a
fallen tree that has grown upright from the now fallen trunk, over it and through it and back again. At
the first turn I manage to cross the blue tape but the rest is ok. Next is another up a bank and between
a carved out tree with a root ahead to bump the front wheel off into the turn, now hang left on the blue
and turn back to cross the fallen tree. Around the end of the tree on loose adverse dirt and idle to the
exit. All goes well until the end of the tree when I catch my shoulder on it and I need a dab to fend off
but my foot slides away on the dead yellowed grass and I have an undignified “splits” 5 ! Not happy!!

Right beside this one is Section 9 where the manic axeman has been before and cut out the center
of the tree stump. Today through the stump then drop off the 6′ bank down into the ditch, up the
shallower gradient side to complete a 180 left then  through the newly deposited wash sand and
back up the 6 footer with its big root. Turn right on the bank and meander to the exit. Clean but had
a bit of work to do coming out of the sand.

Follow the loop along the bottom past Saturday 8 and 9  and come to today’s 10 by the edge of the
Pits. This looks very tight to me with some turns between the trees and a lot of ducking under low
branches. All at 6’s and 7’s here for a stumble bum 3.

Not that easy !

Last section of the loop is up on the Hog’s Back and one that has been used in multi directions over
the years. Start against the cliff wall then swing out to position to scale the wall, reposition and now
take the far track in an upward right hander swinging down through the gap behind the big top boulder.
Everybody through here without a problem on a section that is anything but easy!!

Chris starts his turn to come back up the steep ledge

Fortunately tons of grip

Dan eases her over

Chris off the top with the run down to the exit

Same line

Close up on Dan

Quick drink and we are off again down to the creek. I get a better line up this time but the bank is
getting slippy and as the bike slows the rear tire is running out of grip (more of this later) and needs
a push on dab.

Better line up this time

Power on !

Power off

Section 2 and its maze are a bit clearer this time and a better entry to the first drop down and plateau
turn secure the clean.

Dan shows the way through the split that Chris missed first time round

Now up the big hill

First turn good

On track for the clean this time

Section 3 was going nicely until the last turn off the downhill into the creek when I rolled one in the
water and took 2 to recover.

Yet more rollers on every turn

Left turn and drop back in the creek

Safely through these rollers

All’s well until dropping in the stream when a roller took me for a 2 !!

At the ditch we all scoot through clean and do the same on 6 where I had stalled it coming through
the S. Over at 7 I stay in bounds and just take a dab and then clean 8 where I had slipped on that
yellow grass (12 points better on those 3 sections this time). Another clean on 9 for me but Dan gets
it cross threaded for a 2 on the bank having hit the root badly. At 10 we take a break as Dan is needing
fuel but on his return he stops 1/2 way through ?  ……..yes the fuel was off!! I improve with a 2 and over
to 11 where both Dan and Chris couldn’t resist a dab on the upper climb. Clean for me.

Nearing the top for my second clean on this one

Gently through the top turn

Down at 1 the exit bank is looking pretty muddy and slippy so I take a new line up the bank and clean
it. Dan gets 3/4 up but the Yam decides it wants another look at the water and turns round for a very
unexpected 5. You just never know what will happen at Casper !! Dan has now racked up two 5’s and
a dab in the last 3 sections ??

On the new line

The clean at last !

Up to the maze of 2 and several paths are now fairly clear and more cleans in the book. Overall a nice
section and one I’m sure we will be seeing again.

Top of the first hill on Section 2

Through the lazy wash sand turn, now line up for the drop down to the plateau turn

Up the big hill for the last time

Section 3 appears clearly defined with wet and muddy lines established on the white golf balls but I
hit a loose one coming out of the first turn in the river but the rest rides nicely.

Surprize dab on a roller here

The mid section turn in the rollers of Section 3

Over at the ditch I can’t hold on, although I tried, and take a dab on the exit. Chris comes up next and
hits something for his dab and then hits something else for another. Dan also takes a dab here. We
are all clean through 5 & 6. Same dab on 7, a 2 on 8 and another clean on 9. 10 is a mystery to me
and its a 3 prodder again! Just 11 to go

The last turn for Dan

Up behind the big rock for my third clean on 11

Very gentle on that brake

Another good clean on 11 to finish the day and the weekend. Apart from the first loop, which was less
than stellar, I would have been around 20 which would have been reasonable for the course. Great fun
however you look at it, and of course I’ll be back next year. Thanks Dan and Bob for a great weekend.



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