Now he gets a Trial named after him

Back from Turkey Rock with two only weeks to go until the Escalante Days Trial here in home town
Dolores. With the local press in on the act  it has certainly generated a lot of local interest with some
potential new young riders and their father has land to use as well, maybe next year ?

This made the Front Page in our local paper!!

As a one man band I’ve taped and done the splits for 5 of the Saturday sections and if all goes well
tomorrow (Friday) I hope to have 5 more done. These are all the “single line for all” sections and
divided in a two subber and the longer 3 subber called “The Yellow Brick Road”, looks like an all day
job rolling those rocks!! Also a ton of driftwood to shift and a couple of black bags worth of gatorade
bottles, beer cans and broken glass….. don’t you just love people who toss crap everywhere on public
land ?

….and in local news the Town Bar “The Hollywood” burnt down !!! Police suspect arson so the whole
area was cordoned off this morning with loads of boy Sheriffs everywhere. Even stranger, yesterday
and today the Town is hosting a Firefighters Convention!

Sometime last night at the height of the blaze

What remains of The Hollywood 8/3/12…… will it be up and running for Escalante Days next week ?

Morning mission complete on rock rolling in sections 4 & 5, a really daunting project trying to find the
correct shape and size of rock to make the sections rideable, but 2 hours into the mission a “line” is
discernable through the rock jungle and its ready for taping this afternoon.

Next part of the jigsaw is to find a safe way through the crevasse field to the start of sections 6,7 & 8 a
bit like being a sherpa on Everest looking for a new route up the South Col. With 4 & 5 taped up and
offending branches gone time to survey the way down to the beach.

Complete busted flush, no way, can’t be done ! I searched for over one hour but nothing looked like
it could be safely ridden and I couldn’t relocate the start and first sub that I had walked a few weeks
ago. The second and third subs look fine with just a few adjustments but after making a way in from
a different direction it seems the way in will now be section 6. Taping complete so 10 sections ready
for Saturday.

Here is a taste of the “Yellow Brick Road” or sections 4 & 5 for those that don’t like names

Hope you like rocks

1/2 way through 4

Right turn between the trees

Through the trees to the uphill exit of 5

A lot of work went into building those two, so if you like those lets have a look at the next jewel in the
crown, the 3 subber called “Grey Matter”. This group has a downhill start  where the pesky rodent who
likes red lives and ate some of the tape. The changeover from the downhill section 6 leads into a
flatish 7 where you will most likely get lost, unless you have picked some datums, and then turning
into 8 for a shortish uphill to the Ends cards.

The flatish section 7

The changeover to 8, there is a line, trust me !

I’m the town goat, see you Saturday

 Section 3 got taped up Saturday afternoon so only No 2 left under the main road bridge next week
when the Dog Competition is finished and tape can be laid. Overall Saturday is just about complete
apart from carding, some riding in, and route marking.

Town Dump next and see if I can remember where I had mentally planned Sunday’s fun run !


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