In view of the Oncology Department’s dismal prediction of my future it is time to revise my cycling ambitions! According to them I don’t have enough time left to complete my Equator trip around the globe or Oblate Spheroid, 4th Rock from the Sun, Good Old Earth, or whatever else you want to call it. At 24,902 miles it is a pedal stroke too far!

How much further ?

So what is next ? Research tells me (yes I had forgotten) which Tropic was nearer the North Pole, and of course it just happens to be our strangely appropriate “The Tropic of Cancer” !! Even that at 22,847 miles sounds too far. However here in the USA I’m at around 37.65N Latitude which is equivalent to about 19,262 miles as near as I can calculate. Total pedaled from previous years is 16,319.10 and this year only starting in May, due to the miserable cold winds, another 2151.42 tops me out at 18,470.52 so hopefully, unless I have a sudden decline I should make the 19,262 hurdle.

Tropic of CANCER

The day has not gone to plan so far! But there is still the afternoon left and I’m working hard to resolve the early morn which did not start well.

A rest day in Spain but anything but here, a brake plate sells but needs cleaning and polishing , the annoying double take of my UK funds is still not resolved , I will wait until Wednesday but there had better be a resolution by then. A shorter ride in windy conditions and I now have many things outside building up and needing attention. Also want to do some fishing in the near future. Clean the car again and yet more deadheading of the roses but they are all budding again so its worthwhile.

A very cool start to Tuesday with temps down at 45F this morning but it will soon start back up again. Must get in the loft and find my log books. The log books are found so questions can be answered. The roses get another deadheading and the lawn gets mowed.

Let the breakaway get too far out but he surges off and gets a 30 second advantage on all of them , but the back wheel breaks away on a corner and…….

Wednesday and another pretty much sleepless night. Out in Spain Roglic seems to have tired of the leader’s jersey as the GC riders let the breakaway group get a 13 minute lead. He did break away from all his rivals and got about 30 seconds but then crashed on a corner and his chain came off. Lets see what happens today!

The crash loses those 30 secs

Today he wins the stage and gets another 10 seconds in so doing but is still 2 mins off the lead.

I’m having a very bad time after only 2 hours sleep last night and can only hope for full night’s worth. I’m so tired I’m almost dizzy and the brain will not go into sleep mode and is in just mindless nonsense.



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