Ready on time

2 weeks since Milliken, where did the time go?….. and now its time to get on the road again for Turkey
Rock a new venue for a double header for AHRMA and the Rocky Mountain region. Only 257 miles for
us so should be there in a “relative” flash.

It seems I must have run over a Prickly Pear or something as the new back tire is as flat as the
proverbial. 2 years on the previous one and never a puncture! Well at least thats a quick fix and then
mount the Mandatory Spark Arrestor that Ed lent me for this event. The Cub ran flawlessly for a clean
card last time so no major work required in this area but I need to change the fuel cock on the TY250C
which is departing to its new home on Wednesday as the current one has some weepy seals which
have dried out through lack of use. I did have a little ride on it the other night and it felt fantastic after all
the mods, sad to see it go but you can’t ride them all and I still have Superglitz, the unsellable “53”
and the mini Glitz Ty175 which I still haven’t changed the main bearings on.

Final polish for the TY250C

Sure is a pretty bike

More intensive gardening here at Cozy and things are looking really good with flowers everywhere and
the fruits of a lot of labor in the vege patch begining to show. 2 days teaching the MSF BRC course this
week which was a pleasant refresher and even managed to pick up a little unexpected sunburn!

First harvest of “French Breakfast”

Weeding, weeding, weeding…… the gardener’s nightmare but things are looking very nice as the park
is now fully booked for the summer months. Sustained a major blister in the palm of my hand forking
through bed rock to remove things growing in unwanted areas. Now excused weeding for at least a
week which is a good thing as other matters need my attention. The “flat” turned out to be a leaky valve
core and nothing more and I found a bit of plumbing hardware to attach the spark arrestor with. Not
pretty but it will do for this event.

Spark Arrestor in place

The Ty250C had the wrong O ring fitted by shade tree so that too was a quick fix and the day finished
up by making the palet for her to travel on.

The TY250C travel rig

All tasks complete on time, bit of a first here so now nothing to do until loading on Wednesday and set
off Thursday morning.


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  • 6/1/2009 9:29 PM David Armstrong wrote:
    Hi Tony, do you know the brand and model # of the spark arrestor pictured?
    I have been trying to find one like that for some time.


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