The pot of ebay gold has nearly all gone,  although spending it felt I did feel a little naughty, but there
again it was just “stuff” that I don’t think I was ever going to use so better put into some things I’m
hoping to see some action on.

Nothing wrong with the set up “as is” but the new stuff should improve performance and handling

With all the new “goodies” on their way I now have some time off playing the waiting game, and I still
haven’t been to collect Superglitz.  Plenty of “stuff” coming off that to go on ebay for some more
maintenance money. First the high polished front end with the mirror polished yokes and forks…….
thinking at least $200 here, then the rather nice fully chromed exhaust system……… front portion must
be worth $150, tailpipe…… maybe $75+ and the heat shield about another $40 ?

Mirror polished Forks, yokes and the OEM fender for Ebay

The all chromed exhaust and heat shield ….. to the bay

SM Tank and seat unit with an extra

………. and then we have the SM tank/seat unit with a very famous signature by the man who rode it…….
yep! none other than that man Mick Andrews.

No surprizes, Mick takes Superglitz to another fine win

Those SM units are around $525 new so what is a signed one worth ? ……. only one way to find out
….. better have a reserve price on that to reflect ……. of course if it sells well I could put a Majesty TY270
jug on the beast and might even replace the Showa units with Rockshocks. Nearly forgot the fenders!
….the front was a genuine OEM Yam guard with the internal brace, now virtually impossible to find, and
the matching rear. Must be at least another $75 here ?

Of course if the Enfield works well with its new front end then there are the original forks and front
wheel from that too.  The back wheel went to New Zealand as did the last wheel I sold. Are they
wheeless in NZ ?

The original Enfield forks could be surplus 

Full width Enfield hub laced in a new Akront rim

While I’m waiting I could dismantle both sets of forks but I’m loathed to do that as the “poltergeist”
has a nasty habit of moving things. Still have the YZ bearing issue to resolve and slam a tire and tube
on that one…… A little more persusion and the dead bearing is gone!  Don’t want to go there again so
now fit the newbie bearings, check the spokes, and the old electrical tape trick for a rim tape and I’m
back in business.

…………….and then it snowed bigtime!! Well I should have been driving a school bus to Telluride this
morning but as we had two buses scheduled they put them all on one so I didn’t have to go. Well that
means I can sneak off and finish the YZ or IT wheel, whatever it is, and maybe find some more ebay

With about 5″ of fresh snow Brenda is trying her cross country skis to see if she can remember how
to play that game. Personally I’ll just stick to downhill as the CC looks like too much effort for not much
in the way of results.

Test run on the new CC skis

Yep ! itsa hard work

First check of the OEM Yam cable shows a different size adjuster and thicker internal wire?  Looks like
I’ll be drilling the plate and using a top and bottom nut.  Also need to put a locking allen bolt in the TY
Mono stem where I drilled out the roll pin to try and remove the phase 1 bearing. All little jobs so plenty
to do while in the “waiting room”

The IT/YZ plate gets the mod to take the bigger cable

The new allen bolt replaces the roll pin in the Mono stem

New bearings in, rim taped and tire and tube on…. now where’s the bike?

Back to waiting but all the little tasks are getting done despite the weather, wonder how the Trial  at
Buckeye went ?


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