Suddenly we are 3/4 the way through February so time to stop dreaming. A major weather change heralds
a major “wake up” call driving wise with some very varied conditions for 2 weeks. Snow on Saturday and
Sunday last weekend and a careful school bus drive at o’dark thirty on Monday morning. Not really enough
for the plows to get their teeth into so caution is very much on the cards save for the dummies who insist on
tail gating you whenever conditions are at their worst and from the same idiot tribe that insist “they” can see
and refuse to put their bloody lights on!

One of their members manages to cross the main road on an uphill section in his new GMC pick up, slides
into the wide ditch and collides with a tree setting off his airbag. Caution is clearly advised but fortunately by
lunchtime the plows and their sand have worked their magic and the roads are clear and dry. More snow
overnight and another creep into work in the dark. It snows nearly all morning and then a break before some
blizzard conditions in the afternoon with a bout of strange snowfall that froze and glazed the roads like a
mirror culminating in another slide off crash on the opposite side of the road from yesterday’s misadventure.

With the school run thankfully done and the bus safely parked time to head homebound but now the road
home has the same shine on it and blue and red lights on both sides of the road. Not 1 but 2 individual self
inflicted crashes with a pick up in the field and a SUV sideways with both back wheels in the air.

More snow in the 3-4″ range Thursday night and a lot of slip sliding around on unplowed county roads in
the pre dawn. By lunchtime most of it has gone and the main roads out of Cortez are clear. Saturday and
take a school party up to Telluride with reasonably clear roads for the first 25 miles. Approaching Rico at
9000′ there is a snowplow sideways in the road and he has barricaded himself with a snow bank to stop
the loons driving round him. I ask what is happening and I’m told the Avalanche Control Team is going to
blow a big one which could take a couple of hours or even all morning!!

Snowing, low cloud, a snowplow and an avalanche

Well its snowing quarter size flakes, the roads have a couple of inches on them and the cloud is way
down so I’m wondering how you fire a shell up the mountain when you can’t see a thing ? A BOOM says
I’m wrong. A Grand Prix start from all the cars behind me and by the time we have all the kids onboard
the road is clear and its plain sailing to the ski resort at Telluride.

This last week the temps have been up in the 50’s which is absurd for mid Feb ….. no doubt March will
be really nasty. All last week’s snow has gone but I’m sure it will be back!

We have the Monday off and skiing is on the menu but there is a threat of high winds in the forecast and
the “fair weather skiers” end up watching it rather than doing it. Amid the Olympics and the day off I relist
some of my ebay errors on the ski clothes front and throw in a few more goodies from my personal large
wardrobe. They all finish today while we are at the Hollywood playing pool, so I’m hoping there will be a
little cash on hand to attempt to find that elusive pair of pants in my size that actually fit and feel good. I
have to say that I’m beginning to wonder. The world of snowboarding seems to have taken over and the
current range of clothing in my opinion looks hideous! Jackets have come down round the thighs and the
pants are clown like with baggy legs all crumpled up round the ankles.

What crap is this ?? Do we really need to dress like a tramp ? I have put
better dressed dummies on the “Guy Fawkes” fire

Watching some of the world’s best I find it difficult to believe that they really want to wear this crap to
compete in ? The biggest hoot had to be the Swedish hippie who was 5′ 9″ and 150 lbs wearing 4XL
(apparently its his thing)…….jacket hood open, helmet perched on the back of his head over a beanie,
and the enormous jacket filling with air and up under his armpits while the oversize pants were falling
down round his knees ?……… and you really want me to dress like this ??????

Don’t get me wrong this nut brain was good, but how can any professional
athlete dress up in this garb looking like a sack of sh%% tied up with
farmyard baler twine ?

Amazingly he landed it but how can you do the next trick with your pants
round your ankles ?

Well the mysteries of ebay continue unabated with things I was not expecting to return much at all doing
very well. Other “star” items didn’t even get a bid even after a ton of questions! No doubt I’ll relist them and
they will sell next time round……. sadly two of the items I had on “my” watch list to bid on had sold by the
time we got home!! No matter the search WILL continue in the hope that one day, somewhere, some
manufacturer will come to their senses and sell the skiers in this world something chic and elegant……….
in the meantime I’ll just keep plugging on with older kit that FITS !

Vintage stuff that fits !


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