I have to say that when the NEW “project” was announced I was not too keen on the idea. However,
since destruction/construction of the old fish pool has begun my enthusiasmn has increased and I’m
now ready to give it my “all” and see what creation can be achived from the “mind’s eye”.

Early stages of deconstruction

 Initial preparation of the site has been completed with all the previous plants and weeds removed and
the less than perfect pond layout levelled!  A new edge has been cut and now my next task is to create
a border from which I can grade the splash trap to collect all the water that won’t go exactly where I
want it. Once the butyll liner is in place for the splash trap then my plan is to use several of the large
bite size chunks of trunk from last year’s removal of the dreaded cottonwood tree thereby saving on
collecting tons of rock. The bigger pool will have central pillars covered by some largish rock and
hopefully the final effect will be a sort of mystery “where does all the water come from and go to ?”

Relevelled and ready

 On the rock side the prime commodity will be sandstone interspersed with river rock. There will be planter “holes” left for suitable plants which will be container grown such that they can be moved
periodically to change the effect, a bit like Louis XIV at Versailles who had his 1000 strong force of
gardeners change the entire layout every night so that he could see a “new” garden every morning.

Changed every night !

 However, getting on with the project seems to always be one step away as weeds are flourishing everywhere and once again we have a seasonal mess requiring my immediate attention. Some
progress over the weekend and the front is looking more like it with only the driveway to do before yet
more mowing and strimming to stay one jump ahead of the grass.

 Hanging baskets acquired, brackets resecured, mainstay weeding nearly all accomplished and  with
a few days off on the horizon time to get back to the task. In the mean time rocks keep arriving out front
and a whole load more have been “earmarked”……. it continues!

Suitable rocks join the pile

Something like this with a few more water sources

 Two days off, the grass is cut,  time to get on with it !



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