On the last day of Spring Break Brenda’s father died. This was not unexpected as he has had a series of strokes over the last few years.

Arrangements are made and she leaves for Buffalo on Wednesday morning at some ungodly hour for a series of flights to Dallas, then Charlotte and finally Buffalo. We make the 70 mile run to Durango by 0520 but then the “50lb one bag rule” comes into play and hers is on the scale at 60 ! A big plastic bag later and I have 10lbs of clothes to take home. Believe it or not this extra 10lbs would have cost an additional $100 …….. scandalous!!!

The flight gets delayed and after all the rerouting she finally makes it to Buffalo but the troublesome bag did not!

I was also in Durango on Tuesday for my Doctor’s visit and thanks to NOT SMOKING and, no doubt all the 7000′ fitness training, I’m now off my Iron Lung nighttime oxygen and no longer need the twice daily Advair inhaler.


None of this!


I hear what you say!

This year my fitness target was set at 3000 miles, which, after last year’s 2031 miles in the book seemed feasible. So far I have already exceeded my ongoing targets. My original thoughts were maybe 400 by 3/28/17  (my Doctor’s visit) as this was the number for last year on 6/4/16, my first visit, after taking up  cycling again. Despite some days of miserable cold, rain, snow and the mind numbing wind, some dogged persistence of the aim banged up 550.90 by Tuesday’s return to the hospital. ……. by the end of March 2016 I had 80.61 compared to this year’s impressive 585.42


Monday, and Brenda should be back today, so another trip to Durango. The cycling mileage continues to climb and by the time I’m off to work for the afternoon run I’m at 642.59 and if all goes well I’ll be in Durango around 1930 with her ETA at 1952. a good run, although it snows like hell up on the high ground of CR 17 & 18. Time for a quick Shrimp & Lobster sauce at the Ocean Pearl and I’m on the road in the rain, snow and sleet.

Well for the most part its daylight so I can see where the road is going. On time and arrive at the airport and find her flight is running 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  It arrives and the passengers are quickly in the terminal, but once again her bag is not!! Nobody in the building so she will contact the airline later.

Once more the weather changes and its snowing heavy wet snow and hard work seeing through the “Startrek Asteroid Belt”.


Even worse in Durango itself as there is NO street lighting and bloody dangerous in these conditions. More snow, rain, fog and low cloud to contend with including a couple of spinoffs on the main road but we make it by 2130.

Tuesday, and Very Windy! also cold and bloody miserable with all of yesterday’s snow in full melt. With crappy weather I still manage to add another 40 miles and finish up the week at 682.55 …… and Brenda’s much travelled bag arrives with a broken wheel.



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