You are indeed Fucking mental!

The Principal (hardly ever went there, never knew the place, very bad instruction from bad people etc, etc) and his faithful Secretary DeVoss (Dead Loss) and dumber than dumb, VP Mask Dispence have decided, against ALL Common Sense, that the Butterfly says reopen schools!

You might remember back in March when we had less cases in the country than we do in any one day, ……today, as they surpass 60,000 on a daily count (but of course the White House will soon be correcting them to fit “HIS” wishes). Back then it was deemed too dangerous to even think of schools being opened for the last 6 weeks of the school year but today ……… with 3.5M cases and on an upward trend its perfectly OK ???????

BAD ?      just wait till you try it!

School Crossing …….. or CLOSING ?

…….. and today, 7/20 we are being told HE will be doing those ridiculous WH briefings again! ….. well he has got control of the numbers and can say anything he wants.

Back to reality from my point of view,         sadly “The Wheels on the bus Won’t go Round and Round”

Parked for 2020

More of my views and explanations in a moment but first lets give Stupidity Section their say and then, from the Common Sense Party made up of Physicians, Teachers, Parents and responsible Mayors and Governors.

OK, stupidity you’r on ……

Great opener!

Let us Pray

Grade A Twat!

Another very good question ?



Very much so

More prayers from the VP I suspect

Please note this

If the Gov can’t get PPE for Doctors and Nurses your kids have NO chance

Well, seems the results are in and the Common Sense party has it by a landslide!


My own views on all this buffoonery;

Let’s take your average School Bus Driver …….. most likely retired, looking for something to do, other than garden or watch mindless TV, dedicated, Honors degree in Common Sense, reliable, and an excellent “stand-in” locum grandparent.

Flaws in the Corona Virus pandemic;    (1) Like myself most will be senior citizens. (2) Heart Condition ?     (3) Any form of lung problems including COPD ? (4) Cancer either past or present?     It seems I’m very well qualified in this section!

Now the School Bus;   normally either 65, 67, or 72 passenger capability …… but this is THREE elementary or kindergarten children/seat …….. now with social distancing  this makes the seating capacity look like this

12, yes 12 ONLY, might expand slightly if siblings can sit together, however if your run, like mine, has between 45-52 passengers this will be impossible as we DO NOT have three times the number of buses or drivers.

……. and as we are well aware children are CONSTANTLY being told to SIT DOWN and stop CHANGING SEATS, which will need a teacher or aide to ensure this doesn’t happen.   …….. and finally I do not want to be driving a Bus dressed like an astronaut so I’ll be waiting for the vaccine.



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