Chaos!  … one day, one day

2 months since we stopped School Bus driving and the time has just evaporated with non stop gardening and boat building. Throughout the time frame I have been continually promising myself that I would get to it but boats, weeds and grass seem to have had first priority.


Boathouse shelving …… done!

Today, 22 July and having finished building shelving in the boat house I’m finally at a point where I can make a start! Of course missing the 2 Day at Tuckers doesn’t sit that well except that I have been working non stop on other satisfying projects so overall I’m well pleased.


“Satisfying projects”


The Captain has possession


One happy Captain


Sure is pretty ……. boat isn’t bad either

More and more junk get sorted, amazing what gets kept for that “just in case scenario”, and finally I can see what I’m doing. Manic work with vacuum sucking up leaves, cobwebs and the dreaded cottonwood fluff that gets into everything.

I can see progress, and I think 2 more days of this and I just might have the workshop back to somewhere I can do some fettling on the bikes and know where things are.


More shelves for the workshop

Many years ago, and I remember buying them from ACE, I found some racks of clear plastic drawers for nuts, bolts, washers and all the bits and bobs in regular use. I can really use another set of these. Now on order so should arrive on Monday.


Need more of these

Brenda will be taking the ladies out on the boat this morning which will allow me time to get on with some final cleaning and moving. Still a lot to do but I have a mental picture of where things need to go and in what order.

The cycling mission continues, only 65 miles to go to make the 1000 but yesterday a new chain had to be fitted as the old one was “clacking” and complaining. Nickolas, the bike tech, says my forks are toast so they need replacing so there goes the money I had just made selling the ladies Giant bicycle yesterday! Windy again this morning so I’ll save my ride until the boaters are on their way.


SOLD but I need new forks on mine

Turns out to be a rest day on the cycling but plenty gets done in the workshop and a few areas get the gardener in for routine weeding. Getting closer and closer and the mind is already reveling in all matters trials.

Friday once more and the 1000 gets ever closer and a NEW record today of 20.39 miles this morning at altitude 6936′.Bike goes in for the new forks and I await someone coming to view the trolling motors.

Meanwhile the 2 left over filing cabinets that were hauled up here when we closed “Upgrading” have now been emptied, vacuumed and are ready for their next use. Individual DID turn up, paid cash, and is on his way!!



First of the trolling motors out the door

Back to pick up the bike but Nickolas has run out of a star washer which is essential so the project is now on hold until next Wednesday. Another annoyed 10 miles goes in the book with the up town downtown riding.


Main tool chest all cleaned up

More cleaning of cabinets and moving things. Should make some good progress over the weekend after a visit to our new Dollar Store for some plastic bins. Being Friday its pizza and beer so yet another 10 miles + wrapping up the day at 40.93 which is now my record for one day at 6936′.

Plastic bins/totes now in hand so should get this job 90% finished today with just the new tilting clear containers to fit on Monday. A lot of weeds coming back up so one more round of that to go on gardening Sunday. Another enquiry on the other trolling motor so maybe some “recovery” funds coming in.


Coming together


Another zone complete

Clean up continues and I do believe the end is nearly in sight! The work bench drawers were all cleaned and vacuumed, just one last cabinet to do and I’m 3/4 way through the paints, oils and polishes so about another hour to go.




The second trolling motor sold at the asking price so only the big evap cooler to go before we are into “Scuffy” parts on Ebay.

Oils, paints etc all cleaned, sorted, or discarded and everything is now ready to start prepping “No Excuses” and “Superglitz”


Oils and paints all cleaned




Where are those last bins?


The last items arrive, one from Fed Ex and the others from UPS







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