Ready and waiting for the Mag

I spoke to Dave Lindsley in the UK 2 weeks ago and he said they would send the remanned
Magneto out on the Friday post. Believe it or not it arrived here in AZ on Monday lunchtime! I can’t
even get a check posted on the other side of Phoenix here in 3 days!! However the Mag arrived
faster than a speeding Bullet, which of course is what it is for. Every time I try to get out there to
fit it something comes up and I’m thwarted at every attempt. Enough of this I say, tomorrow come
what may, we will have her running.

These Platinum points are not cheap!

Here she is all refurbished

Saturday morning and something of a lie in for me until 0730, now having read everything on the
trials front time to get the proverbial in gear an attack the RE. First things first the cables, well It’s
a good three inches too long so it will have to be shortened and the nipple resoldered, assuming
I can unsolder it as of course it is a little tiny flat sided thing! I suppose I might use a domino
throttle nipple and do without the solder… now there’s a bright idea.

All back together…… the first time!

Find the correct plug cap and fit, now get the timing tool and see if I can find the magic spot on
the correct stroke. I line up the markers, find TDC and select top gear and slowly rotate the wheel
until I find the “11” before and then every which way until we get it on a forward stoke. Now
rotate the mag until points are just opening and put on the cog and gently tighten the nut. So
far so good, now fit a plug and give it a kick….. good sparks, lets hope they arrive when they

The new gasket, looks about right

Close but no cigar!

Now to fit the timing chest case, or not in this case as the new gasket that they sent is obviously
for a Bullet, but not mine!! It’s the right height, the holes are all where they should be, but it is
wider in certain areas…. well down to ACE as I can’t find the “ultra blue” gasket maker.

But before we get into this the bolts securing the case come in 3 different sizes so I’d better
determine which one goes where before I end up with an almighty “Horlicks”. Currently dog sitting
but I will get back to it as in theory I’m closing in for the kill.

Coffee time before the “Reveal”! Chopped the advance/retard cable and used the domino throttle
barrel filed down to allow the cable to turn round the retard winch. All cables back in place, timing
chest back on, all screwed up and drying. New petrol pipe cut and filtered and a quick rerouting of
the plug lead. Finally on with the tank and seat and all I need now is the fuel and we will see
whether my efforts have been applied in the right direction.

Ready for the first kick

WRONG! absolutely nothing! apart from a massive backfire after 10 kicks. Back to the drawing
board, could be I timed it on the wrong stroke? I think I might have the correct stroke but might
have assumed the mag rotated in the other direction. Once more into the Bowels of the Oilfield
and start at the begining.

Consult a “Guru”

I thought I might get to it today after the Alto Pit Trial but I have to say I’m feeling very tired
and the brain is not up to thinking too clearly or resolving simple mechanical problems so another
day will pass before the neighbourhood reverberates to Britain answer to the HD.

Another day and try once more, and again the beast refuses to fire. I’m begining to doubt my own
engineering abilities at this stage. More consultations with “Gurus” of the 4 stroke kind and back
to the drawing board once more. Check the thing is actually on the compression stroke (ICPE)…..
yes, it is, and go through all the calculations once more. Looks like I set it up on 8 graduations
instead of 11 which equates to 5/16th instead of 7/16th. Difficult to set that cog exactly and then
tighten it up, but this time  I’m pretty close at about 10 and a half if I didn’t get the full 11! If it
doesn’t work tomorrow with a new plug then I GIVE UP AND ADMIT DEFEAT.

Today I’m looking for “Divine Inspiration”

Tony Down

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  • 5/12/2008 9:46 AM Glenn Swanson wrote:
    Hi , Tony ; I’ve got a ? and your the only person I can think of that will know off the top of his head ! About 2 months ago I bought a how to ride trials by Mick Andrews (my hero !) from steve goode in the uk . today after sending the 2nd one back to him cause it will not play , I have to ask , are uk dvd’s formated differant than the ones we can buy here ? Or do you think some terrorist scanning device is just wiping out the disc ? And do you know where I could find a copy of it on this side of the pond ?
    And this was the only way I could think of to contact you to ask …
    Cheers , Glenn
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  • 5/12/2008 9:53 AM Glenn Swanson wrote:
    And does the bullet breath on it’s own yet ?
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