I’ve never been sure about the old wives tale of “They come in Threes” but over the last couple
of weeks that certainly seems to be the case!

First part of this tale is a friend of mine, Ray Iddon, who makes the “One Trick Cub” had been a
little tardy in replying to some e-mails so I rang him to see if he was going to Perris for the AHRMA
Trial. He said he was feeling much better NOW as he was recovering? I naturally asked what the
problem had been and he told me he had some chest pains one evening and then still had them
at breakfast time the following day. He thought it was a bit odd as he doesn’t get indigestion so
went to the Emergency Room…… and within 2 minutes he was on the table and off for open heart
surgery and multiple bypass ops. ONE!

Another friend of mine, both business and motorcycling, was on the call list last week to find out
when he was coming to sign some contracts. They tell me that on Thursday he went into hospital
for a routine check up and was undergoing multiple bypass heart surgery that morning! TWO!

 After setting up the trial on Saturday at Perris we give Jim Wagner a call to see what time he and
Rich Palmer are arriving at the event. I had seen Jim only two weeks ago and he seemed very
congested and appeared to be suffering from some sort of cold malady. He answers his cell and
says he too is in hospital. He had been feeling pretty low on the energy scale and then woke up
to dizziness and profuse sweating and could hardly make it across the room without a rest. Not
surprizingly he too went along to the Emergency Room and they had kept him in for observation
while they do a load of blood work to determine what he has. First indications seem to be Valley
Fever, but we are still awaiting the final word. That’s THREE!

By now most of you will have read the Perris Trials articles and may remember the incident when
a 18 wheeler was joining the freeway and as I was passing the vehicle he suffered a double blow
out on his inside tires on number 2 and 3 axle. ONE, TWO!

Monday morning after the trip back from Perris the coach is due to go in for the panel repairs so
after all the unloading of bikes and tools etc it’s time for me to set sail for Mesa and RV Renovators.
Brenda will follow on and pick me up after I have done all the signing in. Down to the 101 loop and
after about 10 miles we have the duty roadworks with all those concrete blocks forming a wall on
both sides of the road to protect the workers. Traffic as always, is fairly busy and I’m driving at
around 50 mph. With absolutely no warning the front passenger Steering tire EXPLODES with all
the 120 lb pressure it can muster! ****! and other expletives immediately come to mind as I fight
for control of 20 tons of coach which now has a mind of it’s own ……… somehow I manage to get
it back under control and let it slow until I can get to an area where there is a hard shoulder. I can
hear the tire flapping around and the grinding from the rim but I only have to drive like this for
about 150 yards before I come to a stop. That’s the other one for the  THREE!

The damage to the coach doesn’t look good, but obviously it could have been a lot WORSE if I had
hit the wall. First look shows the steps have deployed and won’t come back in. The flapping tire
has scraped the bodywork around the wheel well and while rotating inside has ripped out some
of the wiring harness to the Vorad system, the steps and who knows what else. It has also
severed the airbrake line and ripped out three structural bars holding on the wheelwell panel.

A fair bit of damage but it’s driveable for Cotopaxi

I mentioned this to Ed Peacock and he said perhaps as I’ve just got the first win in Classic maybe
I’ll win both the Cotopaxi rounds for THREE.

Yesterday morning little dog Rossi gave birth to her second litter. The first being a single pup last
year just before Milliken who we elected to keep and call Millie. First two pups are the same color
as Millie and the Father (Hayden) and that makes THREE  tri-colors. Then as a total surprize
THREE black and tans arrive just like Rossi.

After THREE days of attempting to get the RE Magneto back on the machine it always seems that
something comes along at around, guess what time? Yes, bang on THREE and today is no
exception as Rossi is clearly distressed, maybe the call of the wild and with  THREE other dogs to
contend with who just might get at her puppies, we have to take her to the vet just in case. As
suspected just stress and all is well.

Back in the workshop I had fitted the Mag but the Advance/Retard cable seems a bit long and I’m
not sure but at the moment it looks like THREE inches too long on the free cable unless it has come
off it’s mounting in the Mag.

Another early morning call to the UK to unravel more mysteries of the Lucas mind. No, it’s too long!

More reports from RV Renovators, the tires are on, the brakes are fixed, the struts back in place
and the steps are working……. fantastic, but the Vorad system is on order and maybe the fender
panel, the alignment is booked for Tuesday, these boys are GOOD. However, comma, the new
panels are a lighter shade…….. will we come in and decide if we want them fitted……. doesn’t
sound good to me so I rather suspect Monaco will be getting them back and have to
remanufacture the whole lot again. Maybe another few weeks…. THREE?

Yes the panels are lighter but they tell me they will darken with some daylight on them, we will
see. The coach will have an alignment on Tuesday and then we will take it for Cotopaxi and drop it
back for the panels before Milliken and maybe they will have the other parts by then and be able
to finish the bodywork. While I’m there the Expert Fitter says “You were lucky”….. “You should see
this one that came in on Tuesday”

Not so lucky, Driver’s  tire “blowout”…. lost control….. it rolled!

Nasty business! $150,000 to repair

Having seen that it makes you think?  I did ask “How many of these do you get?”
About THREE a year was the reply.

Addendum: This morning the ultra expensive fridge freezer is at 68! Well great, I had
forgotten about these other mundane items. Last week the little fridge out at the fish pool
bar had also failed (11 months old) and prior to that an older one up in our Colorado Cozy
Comfort RV Park had also quit…… another THREE!

Tony Down  (just 1)

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  • 5/8/2008 1:46 PM Forrest wrote:
    Man you’ve got some bad luck! On my way back to AZ from Perris I some how lost my top bag with all my camping gear on I10!! I got as far as Moab and figured to sit out Cotopaxi since it looked like snow at 9000ft. I should have some gear by Millikin. See you there, Forrest
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  • 5/10/2008 4:27 PM Fred Martinson wrote:
    Is the motor home going to be repaired in time for Two Rivers?
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