Lets see,   ……. generator, new jets, new perch……… and the grade 8 suspension bolts. All sounds fairly simple so order the NEW circuit board at about 1/3 of the cost that the Onan dealer wanted. Order the NEW jets for the carb and talk with Bob at BJ Racing about the replacement perch.

Next up have a word with my Cub guru, Ray, who suggests a different piston at 9:1 over the standard trials setting of 7:1 ? Well might be worth a try and the conversation continues with Ray offering a NEW Hepolite piston along with rebored free barrel from his seemingly endless stock. He also suggests I send the head over and he will put it through his new vapor blaster, lap the valves and fit new springs.

Now with Mercury retrograde I should have probably seen what was coming, but no, we struggle on in the faith that everything will all come together by Turkey Rock time, some 5 weeks down the trail.

Well the circuit board arrives on time and fresh in the hope that this will be the answer to the maiden’s prayer it is duly fitted ……. result same as before! Generator Guru is contacted and he will look at it when there are enough other jobs in this area. 2 weeks in he arrives, can’t fix it so wants me to drive it to his house in Farmington NM. Well before I can do that I need Jack to look at the suspension/axle problem. That gets a temp fix with grade 5 bolts and the grade 8 fines get ordered.

The NEW selection of jets turns up and suitable choices for altitude and hot temps are selected and fitted along with the replacement perch for the SG clutch……. things seem to be looking up!

While I’m waiting I give Sammy Miller’s a call about their shitty peg hangers on SG …….. and they agree and tell me they are now made in 5mm and mine are the prototype ones that were in 3mm, and yes, they did bend!!  Order a set without they “bear trap” pegs and now ring BVM in the UK for their Apico pegs.  5 DAYS LATER BOTH items arrive from the UK !!! unheard of, I can’t even get a letter to the UK in that time. Well they fit perfectly, and feel pretty good… things are looking up ….. or are they ?


NEW thicker hangers from Sammy and the Apico pegs


The bendy 3mm prototypes


Great feel

The Onan Man now says its the Voltage Regulator …… OK.

Rays sends some piccies of the vapor blasted head……. things are beginning to come together but we ARE running out of time.

cub head 2

cub head 1

The head post vapor blasting

More bad news on the generator as now its refitted it has NO sparks so it now needs an ignition module…… what else?

Now its 4th July week and the rebore doesn’t go as planned and there is a problem with the piston??? ……. also the head needs new valve guides……… and then on 5th July I manage to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick while sorting sections, needing a visit to the ER……. are we having fun yet ?

Off on trail cutting and section discovery I need to take the chainsaw so arm up with a NEW chisel cut chain which makes light work of anything until………… cutting a tree close to the ground I notice its taking a long time only to discover under the leaves I’m sawing neatly through a giant sandstone rock!!! End of new chain.

Friday 11 July and we collect Safari with rebuilt generator but now its too late to make Turkey Rock so yet another event goes out the window and still the Cub parts are in CA ………









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