Storms and showers non stop

The weekly forecast is 60% chance of showers and nasty thunderstorms every day this week! Today watched the restarted British F1 Grand Prix where Hamilton had collided with Max Verstappen on the opening lap. Despite being given a 10 second penalty Hamilton won the event.

Here, as I had nominated the day as a “rest day” due to the forecast inclement weather it was anything but! Gorgeous blue skies, no wind and pretty hot at 92F. But my plan is set and weeding begins around the Waterfall Bed and some extra Vincas are planted for a bit more color. The game moves on with yet more weeding of the top of the center bed and in go more of the Vincas and a few Impatiens to brighten things up.

Lets get this job finished

The roadworks has restarted and still leaves a lot to be desired. They seemed to be going well having put in 3 of the 4 lanes through town. Then their blacktop plant broke down so we have now been a week and a half without any progress with one lane missing and another only half complete for an extra 1/2 mile on the way out of town.

It came onto rain and then horrendous winds from both directions with clouds of dust and leaves and then more rain but I got the majority of my plants in. A few more for tomorrow and then assess whether its cycling or not.

An early start to the day talking to a Cancer Counselor at 0745 on all matters, from religion to hospice, anger to relationships and what happens next if anything! I think perhaps it helps but of course there is no way of knowing as yet.

They are back

Tuesday then, the road works is happening, windy at the moment so I’ll carry on with my weeding and planting ritual and then see if I can squeeze a ride in? Must get into town for some of the Omega 3 supplements and give that a try.

Tuesday 7/20

More weeding than I thought and after 2 hours I’m still not finished! The dreaded arsebine creeper has said thank you for loosening the soil and doing all the watering and is taking off in all the beds I cleared only a week ago!!!!!

30 minutes more weeding and planting of the last 12 Vincas and 6 Impatiens.

More Vincas

Which just leaves 5 more plants, thinking I might need 3 more of these and maybe 3 more boxes of the Vincas.

The forecast rain and thunderstorms didn’t show up so I was forced to water all my plantings and then did a quick 11.37 to round off the day. New weather alert and a Flood warning! south of Cortez so it might rain yet!

Wednesday again, weather forecast the same, with showers and thunderstorms for the next week, as we pick up monsoon moisture.

Waterfall Bed gets a few more
Stand up and thrive
Topside complete

Last of this round of weeding and the last plants go in! Well that was true until I shot off to 4 Seasons for a few more to fill a couple of vacant sectors in the lower section. Having planted them, in the VERY near future, as in today, I wonder if I will EVER plant anything else in this lifetime ? Well they look good so I hope they will flourish as a fitting memorial.

Last of the planting
Not bad
Smoke everywhere
Something to drive on at last

Road work continues all day, the delivery man with new washing machine and dryer arrives but is on his own?? Not sure how this will go but he breaks his super “do-it-all” trolley .so nothing is removed or delivered! Meanwhile Sasha and Brenda are in Durango where the broken leg is looked at by the vet and re-splinted.


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