With the TY125 just about wrapped up time to bring the Tiger Cub out of hibernation for a full wash and brush up.

Lurking somewhere in the workshop

Today I might just start backwards and give her a “pre polish” just to remember all the near perfect, and plenty of Zero score cards, during her 6 year reign as the machine to beat! Time to remember all the work that went into her transformation from an Amal Sammy Miller variant to where we are today.

Still snowing and a crisp wind!       but I need to get out there, and get the job started as time waits for no one. First yet more wood and I’m getting through it at an alarming rate! Still gotta keep warm!!

Temps went up a bit and the overnight 1″ soon melted but the storm warning continues. Just as well as I’m safe and warm inside and just been out in it, with just one dog, as Rossi Had to be put to sleep this afternoon, but she was over 15 years old which is way up there for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Always sad so we are down to one dog from six .

Plenty of re-org in the workshop and a sudden discovery, while looking for something else, all my Solvol Autosol Polish which I now remember I had run out of and ordered a 3 pack way back when and put it in a special container …….. not to be seen for 5 YEARS! until today. No matter the one I had to order before Christmas has been going well but I think I now have enough to last my lifetime.

A lifetime of Solvol Autosol 

Some cat damage as our five feral kittens had got in the workshop and destroyed a Harley Davidson model!

Not suitable as a “Cat Toy”

Polishing began after some airing of tires and now we can see the benefits of that fine auto/bike polish!

A lot of polish on the “Ray Iddon” custom fabricated units of the Stealth fuel tank, left side oil tank, Custom bash plate and footrest hangers, “my rear brake assembly and stops”, modified chainguard, RAF humor “Ejection seat” which has the oil tank filler under the velcro ejection cover

The Apico footrests, and custom $500 rear shocks by Rockshocks

A good look at Ray’s custom bash plate with the frame lower tube removed and the add on expansion chamber on the exhaust which I’m told prevents some stalling, although I never noticed any difference! Del Orto now routed to the right side

Standard cub rear silencer/muffler with the add on spark arrestor 

Neat Velcro cover under ejection seat to oil tank filler which takes SAE 50

With all the cleaning, a fault is found! While NO Excuses has sat idle it appears the Rocker feed/return oil pipe has lost its SOLDER! so that must be repaired which I would normally do in 5 minutes but as the dexterity in my hands (thanks chemo!) is sadly lacking I will have to take it up to my local motorcycle shop (which I have never had reason to use) get them to solder the pipe back in and ” anneal” the copper crush washers. These washers are getting increasingly difficult to find as the current crop ALL have TOO MUCH NICKEL in them and will neither “crush” for a perfect oil seal or ANNEAL such that they can be reused.

Time for the tank off, you now get to see “Ray’s Custom Frame” where he puts in a top tube to strengthen up the “swan neck ” of the original which got it’s strength from the heavy steel tank which acted as a brace. You also get to see where I put the top coil. On with the show.

You can see where Ray puts the upper tube, then grafts the wrap around it and produces one tough frame!

A little cutting and the top coil has it’s own private house

Protected ignition wires from downstairs

T’other side, a little filing for the ignition cable

Custom covered cables in green of course

The heart of the matter the “Del Orto”

Will collect the soldered rocker oil feed tomorrow and give Mister Del Orto his bath and clean up including the standard blow job on all the jetting.




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