With the impatience of waiting driving me insane the time has come to deconstruct the “No Excuse
Cub”. Like SG several parts will come under the hammer on ebay, and the new stuff that Master
Engineer and good friend, Ray Iddon, is fabricating should hopefully be here by the end of April. If
“this” timescale can be adhered to then I can rebuild in time for Canada. It will then enjoy a one day shakedown at Dave Rhode’s  25th running of the Outlaw Trial, or maybe I’ll just run Superglitz to get
in the swing for both days…… time will tell.

First, time to review the good, bad and the ugly of what we have. As this was initially a Sammy Miller
prepared and built Cub you naively believe that its all good and well thought out. Well as we now
know life is not always what it appears.

The original problem with the basic Cub frame was the fact that the swinging arm was too narrow
and early versions could only carry a 3.50 x 18 rear tyre, you could squeeze a 4.00 in but it rubbed on everything and if the wheel wasn’t true it was downright horrid ! Mister Miller widened the swinging
arm to take a 4.00 x 18 with comfort but for reasons best known to himself moved the engine over by
about 0.2″ to get the chain and drive sprockets aligned ? Personally I would have either changed the swinging arm mount or spaced the wheel over. The knock on effect of moving the engine is that
several critical units are now slammed up tight against that nasty lower frame tube that I’m trying to

Q ? what useful purpose do these 0.2″ spacers serve ?

Up front the mounting lug has been made wider for the spacer to fit

….. and another one on the underside mount

….. which pushes everything tight up against that lower rail

…. so they dented the frame to get access

Well if Ray designs the front frame the way I would like then all those underside problems vanish
when the tube is removed. Progress report @ 4/4/12, oil tank panels cut out, initial search for suitable
front end frame completed….. next phase bolt in some empty cub cases, tweak head angle and fit the strengthening brace.

Back here, much work to get on with as the time frame is only 5 weeks until completion and the trip to
Canada. The Cub is given the news and told she is going in for some major surgery………. clearly she
is not too happy with my decision.

“I liked it the way it was !”

On to the operating table and within a couple of hours she is in pieces ready for some major cleaning.
A fine mixture of the old and new as British and Metric nuts and bolts abound !

All the back end components are off

Nearly ready for the “open heart” op

Arteries clamped the heart is removed

Not much left, just front end and the 3 piece frame

Not a bad afternoon’s work so enough for today…..still a few mental questions unanswered, but there
must be an explanation for all those spacers ? …………. have to say I don’t like it, perhaps I could use
another Yam back wheel, left side sprocket, Talon will make one in 64T and 420 size and might
persuade Ray to do another right side brake pedal as he did for Adrian Lewis.

A Yam wheel maybe, and a right side brake ?

……..and then I remembered something I had seen on the new SM web site………

The SM swinging arm kit, which comes complete with a bloody great
sprocket spacer

Well that explains that ! If you fit a 0.2″ sprocket spacer (reasons as yet unknown) it  will throw the
sprocket off to the left and now you need to move the engine 0.2″ to the left to get the chain to line up.

Stay tuned for more news on this ripping yarn


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