Having recently purchased a NEW watch as my Rolex had decided it needed to rest when I went to
bed I was surprized to find that my new all singing and dancing Seiko comes equipped with the new
timing system that comes into effect next year when the Mayan calendar runs out.

All it will need is a face plate change and a reset

The new system will go fully DECIMAL on 12/12/12 and there will be 10 hours in a decimal day, 100
minutes in a decimal hour and of course 100 seconds in the decimal minute. The final plan when it
comes in will be to have only 10 decimal months in the year and February and June have been
chosen to be deleted from the calendar.

Manufacturers are busy producing the new watches and clocks and of course replacement faces
will soon be available to be fitted at your local dealership or jeweler to reflect the 10 hour presentation
on the analogue face. Those on purely digital watches will be able to buy the new battery chip which
will automatically adjust to the changes.

Just a chip change on this one, no PM of course

Lets have a quick look at what the new decimal watch and clocks will look like. Personally for us
(old timers) I think the digital presentation will be easier to understand and less confusing but the
younger generation that can use a phone for everything except calling home will most likely just
take it all in their stride.

A simple Military version, new minutes on the outside and new hours on
the inner dial. The time is 1.83

An elegant titanium dress watch

These I like with a clever new presentation. Big dots show the hour,
horizontal squares in banks of ten show minutes and the little dots are seconds

The general purpose Gov/office/school/railway station wall clock

January 1st 2012 will be the start of the trial period when timings will be given in either old hours and
new minutes or new hours and old minutes. Correction tables should be available everywhere
including gas stations so the populace should have plenty of (time!) to adjust to the new system. Then
phase II of the transition will begin with all times duplicated in the two systems so that latecomers can
adjust and understand the interaction between the old and new. This will ensure that travellers can
stay “on time” as both times will be constantly on display at airports and train and bus terminals……
should be like Canadian military bases where everything is duplicated in English and French.

They say it won’t be necessary to change household appliances as they can continue to use the old
system until they are eventually phased out. From 2013 all car speedos will show the new and old calibrations similar to those now showing KPH/MPH and also the rev counters or tachometers will
show both scales in RPM old and new.

One of the interesting aspects is there will be No Summer Time, so “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back”
will be a thing of the past. Fortunately for me Greenwich stays as the datum for all this nonsense so
“Zulu” and “GMT” times remain unchanged. It will be interesting to see what they do with the face of
“Big Ben” and all the church clocks all over the world but no doubt the “Gnomes” of Zurich or wherever
else this lunacy started have it all figured out.

A “test piece” chronograph  from Greenwich with the 10 hour system combined with the current am/pm 24

I wonder how much they will make out of this especially as most watch movements are Swiss ?


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  • 4/1/2011 2:18 AM Marc wrote:
    Ah the joys of April 1, two mails as well!Take care.
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  • 4/1/2011 6:47 AM Jim Crain wrote:
    Very cute! Should be easier for lots of things.By the way, do you know of a good source for alloy tanks? How about a low cost shipment method from the UK to the US? Thanks for the blog. Jim
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    1. 4/4/2011 7:13 AM John Holbrook wrote:
      Jim, if you find a source for alloy tanks let me know I need one as well.
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