More Beemer work today on our last day as madam wants to cross Sonoma and get out to the coastal highway on CA1. On one of these visits Jason wants to take us to the best that Sonoma has to offer as he lives over here. Today we are exploring solo so we will see how that goes. Brenda reviews the route and it seems we are passing by Korbel’s the makers of el cheapo champagne that we normally use in our Christmas cocktails ….. got to be worth a visit.


More bendy roads through quaint little villages amid the trees and of course the ever present hillsides and fields full of grapes ….. never build anything where you can plant!! Temps are up in the 80’sF and no wind so the ride is very pleasant and we come up on Korbel’s estate. Impressive buildings in a lovely setting.


Lovely jubbly!

Set about a tasting and enjoy some of their better champagne and a rather nice port which surprised me. By comparison everything is much cheaper but there again our Christmas selection of their wares is often around the $6 a bottle. This is reflected by the older hostesses who are more interested talking amongst themselves rather than pay much attention to the prospective customers. Well no matter, we buy some, and yes its tasty and could easily be used on its own. A quick tour of the gardens and then the duty purchase and stowing on the “tanker” and we are off to find the Pacific coastal road and see the Sea.


The original owner’s house


A fairy circle ? how appropriate


A quick stop at a bar/brewery for lunch and another ratburger and beer but nowhere near as good as yesterday’s offering on the Pope Valley run through Middletown.


Not bad, but not as good as yesterday!


As we ride towards the coast the temp is dropping and there is coastal fog drifting down some of the valleys. By the time we are out on a very bendy slow speed coastal highway it is anything but pleasant and despite a search of about 10 miles not a bar to be seen amid the last bastions of limited civilization. ………… “time we were leaving!”



YUK !!

Enough of that! time to beat feet back to Calistoga and get ready for our final anniversary meal at one of our regular restaurants in town.


A magnificent meal at the bar, mussels to die for!

The meal lives up to expectations with superb food and wine all beautifully presented and is a fitting conclusion to a wonderful week.



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