Perhaps this is Global Warming  or is it just freaky weather ? Current temps here in Dolores are in the 60’s with no wind and clear skies! …. and its only mid Feb.


We were hoping for some of this

We would have going skiing today to try all the new equipment and Christmas presents but yikes! its too hot! No matter I’m sure Mother Nature is not done with us just yet. Normally we have at least 1 foot plus of snow lying around and temps just crack freezing by lunchtime. All the snow we have had, and I suppose the overall total would be around 18″, has all melted and gone and the normally frozen lakes and ponds are free and clear.

Last weekend I was at Telluride with the school party and the conditions were a lot better than I expected. Everything was nicely groomed, no bare spots and despite the 50+ temps it seemed to hold up and only started to look a bit soft by closing time. Being up the Mountain of course meant I was “pool deprived” last weekend where they had 23 players and the party was still in full swing when I drove the bus by at around 1730. Brenda says she played well before the alcohol took over.

This weekend the schools have a mini Spring Break with Friday and Monday off and I’m enjoying every minute. Brenda has been working flat out on several projects and has just finished putting 50 door handles on all the kitchen cabinets in the pre-revamp of the kitchen itself which is getting NEW GRANITE WORKTOPS next weekend.

The new granite is in so before the masons get at it we must go and see if we like it. Friday and the stone is seen and is the one we selected so all is well. Now into Cortez and pick up the trailer hub cap which has arrived and then on for the Chinese Buffet and the duty visit to Walmart where I’m returning a couple of items and the battery that had to be changed this week in the Cadi. The return cash gives me enough for a new tire and tube for the bicycle front wheel to catch up with the back one that went “pop” while we were in Napa last year. Back home and the mason arrives and makes his templates ready for fitting next weekend. Final surprise of the day was an “instant payment” from Paypal re the skis that finished their auction on 31 Jan and had been the subject of a “non paying buyer” case. I can only assume ebay sent a one sided message .


Unexpected payment on the skis

Saturday morning and Brenda is hard at it trying to finish knitting a wool scarf, get a cake collected and all in time for Carol’s birthday party over at the Riverfront where yet more pool is the order of the day.

With no post on Monday I’m in a rush to get those skis packed up and delivered by noon and have at the camera for the next bunch of items that are going under the ebay hammer. I can’t resist a couple of items on the bay and then find another ski jacket (like I really need one?) …… well it says “best offer” and is a NEW Marker jacket, complete with tags, that normally retails at around $300.  They also have a very reasonable buy-it-now  so I venture an offer, which I don’t expect to even get a response, but within minutes it comes back YES!!


A few practice sessions with the stick and then over to the bar for some serious GT drinking. Today we have 17 players, Carol’s birthday + cake and the weather is just incredible at a very warm 65 degrees and no wind under very blue skies.


Carol and husband George playing with party balloons


Party underway, pool coming soon on a 65F day in Feb


I meet Marty, last week’s winner, in round 1 and get the win without any dumb shots. More GT required! Next up quickly improving Austin who runs the competition these days. I like Austin who is 20 and also listens when advice is given. He has the potential to be pretty good….. but NOT today and I’m through frame 2 with another win. More GT!


Bye, bye!


Two down ….. keep ’em coming!

Brenda is playing well and also wins her first 2 games so this is a very good afternoon for the Cozy Team. Round 3 and Brenda meets Lauren and just loses in a very close game. With yet more GT in hand I’m up against Mike who is a force to be reckoned with and has been on fire at the tables since just before Christmas. He is going well until he follows a ball in with the white giving me position and a clear run for the victory. More GT, and why not as with 3 wins I’m now in the money! A bit of a rest for me while the last batch from the losers bench fight for the possibility of the third or better place.



Yum, Yum !

The ever present John McEwan plays Brenda and wins although not by much, and then defeats Mike who I met in round 3. Time for the decider of who will be in pole position for the final as I take on the only other undefeated player in the shape of Lauren.

Lauren plays well with some excellent shots but looks a little nervous. Gin & Tonic has already given me a head start and while Lauren goofs up cue ball position and misses an easy shot he gives me a great position to step in for the win and secure my place in the final.



John now plays Lauren and is in top form as Lauren is beginning to crumble. Never mind Lauren gets 3rd place and John now racks for me in the first frame of the final.

A solid break and a stripe drops with an “oh so nearly on the black”. The cue ball spins and comes to a stop with a nearly touching 3 ball cluster leaving the square root of FA to shoot at. While I’m recharging GT John sets about the table taking off all the solids with a perfect display. He is now on the black with 6 of my balls still on the table. His shot is well within his scope but he nudges one of mine but the black drops in and the day is done and I get the WIN !





What a nice Saturday!






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