I’m going for “once round the Equator, 24,902 miles”

The mission to circumnavigate the Planet Earth continues despite today’s cold winds from the North.  Slightly warmer,  as I set off to crack the 400 mile barrier on 4/22/20 ……. and I’ll be out there until the job is done!         Some time later I return having completed the task and adding a few “bonus” miles to the tally which now stands at 406.40  ……. and I still have 8 days left in the month to rack up some extra mileage.

Thursday, I believe, (they all seem the same) a little warmer, but still with the strong swirling wind. No matter, go out once more and yet more miles go in the collection pot.

Looking to find some interesting locations around town for a photo contest for a NEW Infinity cycling saddle. I’m currently using one and I’m well impressed and don’t suffer from that “numb bum”.

Talking Numb Bum, no other way to describe him, 2 of his latest lunatic ideas ….. strange when you never do anything about the outcome you switch back to old favorites “The Border Wall”,  those nasty “Iranians” and the “Covid 19 Saga” all of which you know cock all about!

This one slays me after 30 years flying in the RAF …..

Having spent a lot of time in Iran, and then more latterly as a Top Gun Instructor to the Royal Saudi Air Force, and flying during the Gulf War ……..

No Gunboats up here!

…….. and the latest……. and the most lunacy EVER to be said “let’s inject Covid 19 + people with disinfectant as it kills the bug” !!!!!!

God help us all!

To the tune of “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”

Saturday, weather improving, temps on the way up, winds not quite so strong….. so while the “disinfectant saga” rages I’ll research some more saddle shoot locations and bang in a few more miles.

Finished with Round 4 of the chemo pills and the side effects on my hands are awful!!!

I’m falling to bits!

Finger tips numb, no sensitivity

The Gazebo goes up ! ….. the miles are done, and on target.

NEW Gazebo up and ready

Sunday, supposedly warmer (that will be nice) but then windy come the afternoon so better get the most part on the morning run.1st run complete, just need another 8 miles later this afternoon ….. not quite as windy as forecast, and nice and warm! Miles done!

Monday morning and very nice weather with a standard light Easterly wind which will turn Westbound this afternoon…….. time for more miles and less thermals as it supposed to make 73 F. Other news the Nutbrain in Chief won’t play anymore in his daily drivel briefings after his awful Disinfectant Showdown, oh well, I guess its back to the ridiculous Wall nonsense ……

Here we go again!

Yesterday warm and sunny, one layer of clothing removed, might even try shirt and shorts today. I actually saw 71F on the Bank’s thermometer for the first time this year as I rode on to 31.77 for the day.

Off for the blood draw again in Cortez so not so much saddle time today but I have those extra miles in the bank. Blood and more pills all done and a Tuesday sort out of riding gear that still fits 177 lbs of cycling force! Only 16.68 this afternoon in less than pleasant high, gusty winds but I had a few extra miles in the bank.

Here we are, April 29th, Edward’s birthday, and he turns 40 today! For my part its a short sleeve & shorts day for the pasty body but if the weather stays like this a tan is just around the corner. Due to the Doctor’s video conference and muddled timings the ride became a three part affair in some warm but strange windy conditions. 30.40 for the day and a little pinkness for the pasty body ! its a good start for the tan.

He really doesn’t care

Thursday, 30th April and the last day of Lockdown as Economy overtakes Safety and Common Sense. For my part I have 2 goals for today, but more of those later.

Nice to see the Deputy Loon observing all the GOV guidelines by attending the Mayo Clinic, and despite advice, zero social distancing and no fucking MASK!!!!

The morning goes well  after dragging the hibernating mower out of the toolshed. Grumpy little bastard wouldn’t start, eventually sorted out plug and carb and away we go for “Mow 1” of 2020. Just need to do a bit of strimming around the pool edging and the tricky bits under the lawn swings and electrics. Out for phase 1 of the mileage targets and then time for some lunch.

Morning targets all done

Warm and windy again and a bit overcast but should hit target 2 later on this afternoon. Even warmer at 74F this afternoon and last target passed at 27.83 for the day and 530 for April bringing the 2020 total to 615.18 …….. and if I add that to the “World Cruise” I’m at 12,006.11 ……. next target “1/2 Way” at 12,451.00

That’s all for April 2020










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