WOW! went out to go to the workshop and Cancer and Chemo said NO! bigtime. My eyes and nose were running profusely and it was so bloody cold I could only just manage a few menial tasks and chop two loads of wood. Nasty business this Cancer and the poison to try to keep it in check.

Only 1600 and the temps are down to 19F already with a forecast low of 4F overnight ….. extra blanket for me please!

The news is not good as that LOON just will not let go! I stopped commenting on the ludicrous buffoon several months ago but many of the comments are now facing us as the Dictator finds himself at the end of, thankfully a short rope! You may remember all those mysterious “Police” in Oregon with their non police vehicles, their arms festooned with tattoos and my thoughts on who they were? Then they disappeared without trace, now once again he is trying to threaten Marshal Law, and somehow overturn the election. Today he pardoned several of those BLACKWATER thugs, I wonder why??

Now that’s very TRUE, they are very well paid MERCENARIES

And where did they suddenly go to?

These are NOT Police Officers they are Mercenaries paid for by the Clown Prince Trump, let’s hope they don’t reappear in January and cause more trouble. Go peacefully, and without conceding, if you must be a pain until the very end. Fortunately you WON’T Be Back.

Dumbarse Extrodinaire the Mighty Humpty Dumpty Trump

Now he is refusing to sign the Armed Forces Bill although I’m sure both houses will override his Veto! and at the same time shouts and rants that we all need $2000, which of course we do, but he alone wants to be the one who got it through. Now he departs for Florida amid all the usual chaos he has caused, a truly worthless and despicable, theoretical national leader who has the nerve to pretend to be a president even when defeated.


And that he certainly is!








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