“Yes Tonto, I can see the power lines but how the %^&* do I get down
there ?”

Trying to find a way through Casey’s upper cliff area is a bit “Lewis & Clarke” at the moment with the
only other footprints left by deer bedding down for the day. Today I’ll be trying a 45 degree attack from
the top of the Mesa in an effort to find a shallower gradient through the Maze.  Once in, its guess and
by God, but might be a bit easier now I know where the power lines go.

Google maps aren’t much help as you can see the lines of least vegetation resistance but can only
guess at the surrounding gradient, no, its another Vasco job here! Having tied a fair bit of red tape everywhere on my last visit once I have the connection made I’ll have to take the rest down or it will be
totally confusing (for me!).

Sections, when I finally get to put them in sequence, are a mixture of sandstone slabs and rocks,
rolling smooth river rock (this lot must have been under water millions of years ago) loose dirt, pine
needles, dead trees and cacti. Let the fun begin!

 Confucius he say  “Where the f^%$ am I ?” What led to this outburst will be revealed shortly. Arrived
on site at 1115 and set off from the far corner, marking as I went, on about a 45 degree cut across the
cliff face and eventually came on the first section without too much hassle.

The first of the virgin cliffside sections. Enter behind me on the left, cross
the log, then line dependant turn around the tree coming back towards
me on right side of pic 

3 & 4 to the far right, 2 up center stage, and 1 to the left and exit with a left

Another sideways jaunt in the thick brush and referencing the power lines find some more sections
I’d mentally earmarked the other day. The original plan was to retrace my initial route to complete the
loop but as time was running short I decided to get a better route back to the first section. That worked
out well but trying to find my way back out from there in the maze was fruitless. I never saw any of the
markers I’d previously made and came out in a different area about 30 yards from the car but I think
this new track will be easier to follow.

Not 100% sure about that. The “WAY” is still proving difficult !!

Tomorrow another session starting from the back and going in the way we will be coming out and
this should lead me to the sections I couldn’t find today!! Without doubt the hardest trial I have ever laid
out from the terms of a route and even with tire tracks established it will need marker tape about every
10-15′ or we will lose half the entry.

 Once I’m in and can get out without getting lost it will be a section finding day!! Today I aim to find a
total of 10 sections which will give me an option of discarding 4 on the day. Yes, they can look good in
the mind’s eye but sometimes ambition overcomes common sense. With the multiple “in and out”
paths first thing is to PIN down the final solution so that even I can’t get lost on a trail I have marked !
Could not believe it yesterday and now its bugging me and I won’t be happy until its resolved.

Done it ! Got in and out without getting lost, now thats a first. The only thing I lost today was my cell
phone so some thoughtful application of where I had my pack open and there is a chance I might
find it. Section count, 1 on the way in, 4 along the ridge line, but they go in both directions, so a mini
loop required, then on to a multi log crosser, and a double which is up beside the power lines on the
way out.

This will be the log crossing for Day 1 and will be called “Woodpecker Would”, no thats not a spelling
mistake more a play on words. Prizes for seeing where Woodie lives.

Phase 1,  downhill over log, left turn in the bush, rock, tree area

Phase 2 the double oxer

Phase 3 through pick a stick

 1/3 in from the top right you can see the ever upward section Power Lines which may be a continuous
double section with some line dependant jinks to the right for everybody other than 4 liners.

In the start zone for “Power Lines”

Near the top where the “jinks” will be

………very true,  and cutting a ton of brush!!

Finally, my thanks to my helpers, Columbus, Vasco de Gamma, Magellan, Lewis & Clarke and of course Casey for providing the land.

Less than 2 months away so if you are planning on making this epic and unusual event time to MAKE RESERVATIONS as Dolores will be VERY
BUSY over the period. Once again, Cozy Comfort (the start) for camp
sites and RV parking with full hook ups, or dry camping for those that
like it. Hot showers included. 970 882 2483 or the “blog” or via email to


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