275 miles then ?

One week away as I sit and type and I’m looking forward to going back to Tucker’s Ranch after not having been there since AHRMA days. MWVTA for some reason has never used this venue in our 3 years of operation which, in my opinion, has been a great shame as the land was purchased for Bailey and his brother to practice on.

Only 275 miles for me via Wolf Creek Pass and then down the Arkansas valley through Howard (Turkey Rock)  and then left over the river and up the steep road to the turn in at 8000′. Some perilous corners to get round with a 60′ rig on a narrow crumbling track but once in the venue is gorgeous!

Time moves on and now its Wednesday and I’m nearly ready with the old oil system back on the Cub and hopefully no leaks. Brakes were all cleaned out post Casper and the cams and pivots all greased as the rear was just starting to lock up. Still not 100% sure about the head as on start up there is a ticking and on closer inspection of the inside of the exhaust rocker cover there are some hit marks from the tappet but after the initial first revs it stops unless the noise is coming from the rings ?

Machine was finally glitzed and polished and the spark arrestor adapter fitted just in case. So, unless there are any other defects I haven’t seen I think the “No Excuses” is ready!


The plan will be Friday getaway around 8-9 which should see us there circa 2-3 and able to have a ride round during the afternoon to view the sections before o’beer thirty gets called.

Thursday and loading day is here again with all it’s rituals.  Yesterday’s plans got the heave-ho with a sudden afternoon storm so more to do this morning if time permits. Non stop action after the morning bus run, move trailer, refuel water diesel and LP, connect bus to trailer, start loading and perhaps finish the rose bed weeding ?

Friday and I’m tired but eventually get it in gear and complete all the last minute stuff. Only 1 hour late leaving and the bus behave well even getting up Wolf Creek in 3rd at 38mph!!!  (with No overheat!!)


Approaching Pagosa Springs


Coming down Poncha after the accident


The Arkansas Valley

Huge accident on the way which was in the final stages of cleanup when we got there but a 5 mile tailback on the other side which was not pleasing the driving community who were all out of their cars wandering around trying to see what was going on. On our side two flatbeds were just leaving and a third being loaded. Ambulances had all gone and one piece of mangled metal must have been a sedan but was now a cabriolet as everything above the window line was missing and one can only imagine what happened to the occupants.

Make the way in without incident and finally into a parking slot that I can just make the ship level in. O’beer thirty has already been called and there will be no section viewing today save for the Waterfall at the start area.


I don’t often drink when travelling ………….


……. but when I do its Vodka Cran !

My its as dry as a bone here with dead weeds everywhere.


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