Now as the fabled story goes Dick Whittington was a poor boy and went to London where he had
heard the streets were paved with gold. Dick was taken in by a merchant family, the Fitzgeralds, but
was forced to sleep in a rat infested cellar. Having earnt a penny for shoe shining he bought a cat,
called Tom, who saved him from the rats. Some time later Dick got really pissed off with life in general
and walked out of London but heard the Bells chiming “Turn again Whittington, thrice Mayor of London
Town”. Dick went back and as the story goes when the Fitzgerald family sent a boat with goods for
sale Dick sent his cat Tom as virtually his only possession. Like ebay the cat sold for a fortune to the
King of the Barbary Coast who had a serious problem with mice. Dick, did indeed become very
wealthy and went on to be, as the bells had foretold, thrice Mayor of London Town. While I have no
intention of becoming the Mayor of Dolores Town once, let alone thrice the story has similarities in so
much that selling the ebay “cat” has allowed me to turn (the spanner that is, not direction) and
improve my overall happiness on the trials front.

Flush with the ebay pot of gold a flurry of ordering for parts and other goodies, and no arguments, as
it was all my crap that I sold to finance these new projects so no penny pinching from the household

Into the workshop with several mini tasks to do……… lets get the YZ bearings done so out with the
tool and out comes the first side with no problem so remove the spacer and flip over to the non
sealed one on the other side. Extractor in place ….. tap…… tap, good its moving but then, horror of
horrors, the whole bearing disintegrates and now I have the outer race stuck in the hub. This has
only happened once in the past and I’m racking my brain trying to remember how I solved the
problem. Contary to the recent published article “ITSA Moving” this one is NOT! …itsa stuck!!

Time to skin the cat, not Tom in this case, but to now find a welder and arc weld a bead on the
remains of the outer race. Just when you think things are going well !…… and now when I look at the wheel …… is it a YZ or IT ?  Reason I need to know is I’m after some new brake shoes and of course
somewhere along the line Yamaha changed their hubs and plates on certain models. Brake shoes
are everywhere on Ebay but trying to find a corresponding after market groovy shoe when you aren’t
sure what you have is problematic. Time to research the Yamaha bible courtesy of Speed & Sport,
PA and after much research the 322 number on the shoe relates to 80-82 IT models and 80/81 YZ
variants. That all translated to some EBC shoes, with the grooves called 507G so a quick purchase
there with free shipping.

507G’s…….. “groovy baby !” 

More bits and bobs from TYTrials in the UK in the shape of some hi-tech Mono fork seals, not cheap,
and a cable bracket for the mono yokes.

Now time to get the oil seals, wipers and front brake cable for the Fantic set up and then the Enfield
can be finished before I attack Superglitz. Last items I’m looking for, with all my ebay loot, are some
Magicals springs for both forks and the latest exhaust from Majesty. This one has the up between the
frame pipe and supposedly a bigger bore WES middle and tail section.

Waiting on the Fantic bits

Same design for the 250

Bigger bore ?

Nearly everything now on order so time to sit back and wait and then the spanner can be turned
again Whittington!


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