No sooner had I got myself motivated to get the show on the road than before I could get the first
morning coffee it has started snowing again and is already piling up. Twelfth Night is nearly upon us
and tomorrow all those decorations and lights must come down and again here I pause to reflect how
it has always been with everything looking so “bare” for a few days after they have all been put away.

Well none of that changes the Colorado winter scene and life’s rich tapestry continues. The Christmas
round of parties, pool and darts has finished and now it’s Saturday pool competitions until the reverse
snowbirds come back to roost in April. Then it’s non stop pool and parties throughout the summer.
More of that summer trout fishing although I still have to do the “ice fishing” which strikes me as yet
another excuse for more drinking standing on a frozen lake.

The parties continue

Bin who ?

One of this year’s Xmas presents was a dartboard and darts. Now for those not in the know I,
(without bragging), used to throw a pretty mean dart during my RAF days and 4 year exile in Saudi
Arabia. My partner, at the time, and I were near invincible until the SID got the better of us and the
board started to move!  Can’t remember what weight dart I used to throw so a fair few experiments
required to get back on track in that department.

In the party Cave

Should I grow a beard ?

The daunting task is now complete, lights down, trees undecorated, keepsakes and candles, wreaths
and Santas all boxed and thank goodness for the floored in loft or there would be nowhere for it all to
go. See you all again next year and we will see how many lights still work.

They won’t will they ?

Oh yes they will !

Dart board should arrive today but mail in Colorado is something of a mystery so anything can happen
and with the continual snow there is always an excuse. Must remember the height of the bull and the
distance to the line ? more google searching coming up. After that it will need an over the board light so
a little more engineering in the lodge room.

The board arrived and all looks good so today, still confined to the cabin, it will be mounted with the
bull at 5′ 8″ and the Oche at the 7′ 9” mark. better get some decent wall anchors as alcohol and drywall
have a habit of causing things to end up on the floor.

Plenty of practice time but these darts are all too light for my taste!

Time to start thinking trials again and get rid of this white stuff.


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