The Tough Section 1

After much discussion between wise sages, and several beers, the severity and length of some
Lipscomb sections were altered such that those without the aid of a handy Rand McNally area
road map could compete. 8 sections a day was the plan and any of the 8 could easily have been
sub divided into 2 sections. A lot more challenging than those at Casper, but a different venue, a
different Trialsmaster, and at least a chance that one silly mistake was not going to cost you the
event. Forecast scores would look to be in the 20 zone for the upper class leaders for day 1 and
maybe about half of that for day 2.

A gentlemans start time and a generous time allowance to get round the 2 mile loop.

Riding the Cub today in Classic Expert as Don Kelley has elected to leave the Ariel and ride his
Cub in Prem Lightweight Int. Rick Wolff is here with the BSA so a good challenge for me if Rick
has his “A” game on.

Rick Wolff going well through Section 2

I start at section 3 with Dave Lindeman having driven over from Colorado for his checking points
to wrap up the Modern Classic Expert Title. This section has some severe, but not dangerous,
challenges and has everything in the section with the exception of sand. It opens with an over
the bump entry into a single track mudhole climbing out and over a big root at the base of a tree
where the line takes us round the tree back into a soft muddy area before a blast up a leaf mould
hill, turn through 45 and over more roots and a small log to ride along an adverse path descending
into a dry river bed with a downhill descending turn into the rocks. A 180 turn riding across the
rocks back to the checker. A long ride and a pleasing clean.

Section 4 is a Scottish style ride up a gully with no way out and the only “cheater lines” have
been spotted and taped off. Another nice clean here and I would have been annoyed if I hadn’t
cleaned this one as this is “My” type of section.

Along the road to 5 which is a monster of a section with trap after trap and even a very good
ride could collect 5 dabs along the way due to the number of hazards. Downhill entry into a “S”
turn through rocks around a tree in the river bed and then blast out of the river bed rocks up a
4 foot bank before adjusting for a downhill turn on an adverse before dropping further down into
more rocks and loose dirt to take a left turn up through some trees to a glade where a 180 turn
was made before dropping back into the riverbed rocks to take up yet another tight left turn and
then blast up the bank to go right handed around yet another tree and finally back into the
riverbed and the exit. 2 lost here, the first on the second left uphill and the other on the final
right hander. Well it is doable but it will be a great ride to do it.

Over to 6 on the open hillside of loose rocks, crumbly bits, solid imbedded granite and all sorts
of nasty prickly vegetation. An off cambered slight downhill entry before turning uphill and getting
up and onto some solid rock then turning around a bush before dropping back down across a
ledge then pop up onto another ledge leading down to a tight descending turn to a lower path,
or straight on to avoid the turn and then go lower down the hill before commencing a couple of
uphill turns to rejoin the path. Nice idea but the back wheel spun on a rock in the grass and
another dab is punched. Oh well, down to 7.

Jim has selected this one as his section of the day and it consists of an uphill climb up the face
of some volcanic outcrop to a plateau, a tempting line off this into a tight downhill right turn
followed by a slalom of turns amid loose rocks to the exit. A new line appears off the back of the
plateau if you take on a further rock step which will take you wider out and make the downhill
easier to negotiate. Another clean so up the big hill to 8.

This is a very precise section requiring perfect wheel placement and delicate throttle control.
Steve Doyle who is checking tells me Rick Wolff cleaned it! Wow, that must have quite something
of a ride on the BSA. A downhill entry turning right then left over a series of rock steps to a
narrower lower path, then start the uphill over some nasty one foot square boulders into a full
lock left, then right before hitting the upper path of big jagged rocks lining the turn to the exit.
I get it spot on everywhere and the Cub purrs through for a magnificent clean… boy was that fun!

The first soft sand turn in 1

Just 1 & 2 to finish off the loop. 1 has a nasty looking start turning into a fallen tree surrounded
by branches and brush and is definitely an unstable hazard. After that through more brush into
a wall of death riverbed turn to clear another fallen tree and get into a soft sand wash trying to
keep to the firm sides before taking on yet another log between 2 trees, after that a 180 turn in
yet more soft sand then up and around a tree to a final log crossing. The first log, the wall of
death,soft sand all goes well until the right handgrip touches the tree, closes the throttle takes
a chunk off my little finger and stalls the engine!!!! Restart in disgust and clean the rest of it with
the score on 8!

Hugh Campbell wrapping up Classic Int

Don Kelley in fine form against Dan Straka

Over to 2 for the last section of the loop. Steep downhill entry in soft dirt, over some rocks in the
river bed and around a tree dropping back into the rocks to make a steep climb onto an upper
path. Wander down the firm adverse path for an open 180 before coming back along a lower
ledge to enter yet another 180 through some deepish mud before a little wiggle to the ends card.
Nice clean on this so first round score an annoying 8 with the stalling 5.

James Bodkin drops off the high ledge in 2

Ralph Foster powers through the mud on 2 to win Mod Classic Exp

Good steady ride from Rick

My favorite….. wish there were more of these!

Starting back in order now, Section 1 goes well until I almost forgot the 180 turn in the soft sand
and took a dab to drag her back on line, well a lot better than the miserable 5. Nice cleans on 2,3,
and 4 before another long walk around 5 where I lost the 2. Can’t really see what I did wrong so
take the same line again but foul up on the uphill before the glade and lose another. Need to get
the power on earlier.

Back at 6 on the hillside a meticulous walk through brush and heather to see if my lower line will
work. Seems several others have tried it but according to the checker they haven’t had much luck.
I try it again and get a satisfying clean.

No problems with 7 and up to see Steve at 8. Been a bit of rotovation here on the lower path but
the “S” between the rocks is the same. All goes well cleaning the lower section until I come out of
the S. With the front wheel light as I complete the right portion my boot catches some nasty
desert vegetation which refuses to let go and bike and yours truly rotate to the right and I can’t
get my boot out of the bush or off the peg for the much needed dab! The bike and I roll sideways
collecting checker Steve and all end up in an ungainly mess on the hillside. So with damaged ego,
a sore leg and a kneecap full of cactus thorns I limp into the start with a second loop total of 7.

At the checker table I can see Rick has already finished and has lost 41 which gives me a 26 point
advantage going out on the third loop. Another dab lost on 1, clean 2, then turn too tight on the
last turn of Dave Lindeman’s section and take a silly dab by the fir tree. Clean 4, and now rewalk
that section 5 that has been causing me a bit of grief. Must get the power on earlier! The plan
works and I get my first clean here and a bit of applause from the spectators to add to the
pleasure. Cleans on 6 and 7 and now go and see how Steve is getting on up on 8. Steve gives
me a wide berth and I take a safety dab for good measure to finish the loop on 3 giving me 18
for the day and win number 6 in Classic Expert.

So how was it for everybody else? Hugh Campbell thrashed the opposition in Classic Int to take
his national title. Zach Woodward continues to rack up points in Classic Nov. Derek Belvoir scored
his fourth Prem Hwy Exp win in a row to go with a good ride in AZ and looks set for yet another
title (we will see about that next year!). Ralph Foster had a superb ride in Mod Classic Exp and
Mod Classic Int was a 1 point affair between Ed Peacock and Tom Maddux with Wolfy just getting
it. Dan Straka riding his rebuilt Cub had a battle on his hands with Don Kelley and just won by
2 points. The Fun team prizes were very close with my team of Dan and Gene just getting edged
out by 1 rotten little point!

End of Day 1

Tell me when I’ve had enough

The other Miller Lights

A lot of evening fun up there on the hillside as we looked down on the lights of Miller Motorsports
Park……but a lot of us had our own Miller or Miller Light …….. more fun tomorrow, and boy I’m
tired and sore!

Tony & Brenda       …….. lots of photos today!

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