Saturday morning and a few changes of faces as we get ready. Fred is here from Wy, Darrel Boone
joins the fray and Travis is here but only to check. In theory it should be a little easier today unless
that sneaky trialsmaster has changed things out there while we were sleeping.

Coming out of the rocks on 3

Zach Woodward having a much improved season….. perhaps he’ll get a
trials helmet for Christmas?

Today my class is starting at 3 which is the reverse of yesterday’s section 4 and still requires a lot
of concentration to get down the gully without a dumb dab. Clean here and round the back for 5.
This looks good with a series of up the bank and back down into the riverbed winding through
Aspens en-route. Last downhill from the sunshine into a tight left turn in leaf mould to the uphill
exit. I see Rick Wolff get a 5 when he ran over the tape on the last turn, I’m guessing he won’t
be too pleased with that one. I clean the section but as I pull the clutch in to stop the chain jumps
the sprocket….. wow, that was lucky! Back to the start for a few adjustments.

Fun in the Aspens of 4 before the chain came off!

Rejoining the fray at 5 this is a classic UK Southern Center section of in, up the bank, round the
tree, drop down the roots and adverse, then do it again further along the bank. Great I can do
these! Round to the Water Tank for 6 and this has been “softened” after several complaints.
In and turn on the flat grassy area, then enter down line specific hills, turn at the bottom in rocks
and mud, line specific climb out, then drop back in over some branches and logs to the final uphill
exit. Fred is not on song here and hits a tree at the bottom which takes a dab.

Up the correct line, Fred please note

Yet another easy win for Hugh

Back up on the open hillside for 7 close to yesterday’s 6. The opening uphill turn is loose 3 inch
rollers and dirt and will surely be the mark grabber before getting up to the solid rocks and the
top turn. Care needs to be taken until a downhill line gets worn in as there are plenty of loose
rolly rocks amid the desert vegetation.

8 is back up the big hill, and Steve isn’t playing today so Jim is on checking duties here. A hard
section but very fair. Fred has a great clean and I think I can do it but try too hard thinking clutch
and end up taking 2 in the panic trying to make the 180 tight turn in the rocks.

Fred in the trees of 1

Mike Becker with a “New” helmet…… boots next?

Rick powers over the second log crossing in 1

Wolfy drops into the last part of 1

Ed also through the last trees of 1

Over to 1 & 2 down by the start. 1 starts with yesterday’s exit log then turns along the brook for
another log crossing into a left hander and climb up between the trees, a mini recovery zone
then set up for a downhill “S” around the end of a big, big log which 1 liners go over or not!….
drop down another bank into rocks then squirt uphill through more rocks to the exit.

The last one of our loop is another section of my youth. In the trees with a full power uphill climb
in 2nd, round the top, engine and front wheel braking steep descent, round the tree at the
bottom then uphill again in the leaf mould back down to set up for another uphill adverse and
round another tree to the simple exit. Great fun so finish loop 1 with a score of 2 which could
have been a zero with a bit more application.

Darrel Boone tries a new line in the Aspens of 6

Len tries it too

Out for loop 2 and clean all the way to 6 where Fred is in trouble again taking the wrong uphill
exit and a horrid 5. Nothing to mention on 6 & 7 so try and do better with 8. No such luck and
another identical 2 trying to use this clutch thing which isn’t working for me. Another 2 point loop,
but by the time I get back to the start I can see Rick has blasted round again and finished on
21 so I have a 17 point advantage going out for my third loop. No incidents or near misses
through the first 7 sections so time to really rethink this section 8. I must have walked it 6 times
and the plan is to revert to my normal clutchless style but as I approach the 180 I can’t resist
grabbing it again and get in all kinds of problems with a dragging dab followed by a tipee toe for
an awful 3!! So that’s it for a three loop total of 7.

Out of the Ends on 6

Now by my calculations that’s my 7th win in Classic Expert and as I’m older than the rest of the
class I’m pretty sure I have won that Championship. I also now have 6 wins in Prem Heavyweight
Int so I just need one more win at Sandia or Hollister to wrap up that one.

Fred looks certain to have recaptured his Modern Classic Int Title and Len Sims and Hugh
Campbell have secured theirs. Classic Novice is up for grabs with early points leader Darrel Boone
getting a bit of a blasting from a fast improving Zach Woodward. Ralph Foster won again in Mod
Classic Expert but losing 20 gave my team the win today with Dan Straka having an inspired ride
on the PI line for the loss of just 1 point.

Section 1 again with Fred coming to the last bit of rockery

Awards over, everyone is heading out of the hills tonight for miscellaneous duties before meeting
up again next Wednesday for the Sandia Classic. So for those of you who didn’t make this event
this year put it on your “to do” list for next year. Well run, great variety of sections with a lot more

Section 3, just like Scotland

If you rode you will be on on film.

Tony Down


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