Monday morning and time to start the 1100 mile recovery leg back to Dolores. Just need to lash in the
bicycles, final check on the Bavarian thing and hope they all make it back in an upright position.
Glasses, bottles and all things breakable are stowed and around 0830 I get the all clear from the crew
to start engines.

“Captain to crew, prepare for engine start”

Back through town and a 30 mile southerly stint to rejoin that awful Californian section of I80. Nothing
changes and we bounce and bounce our way towards Sacremento and I’m mentally comparing this to
Paris – Roubet on the cobbles of the famous cycle race. Very soon we are in fog and then that changes
to gale force crosswinds and the fog is replaced with blowing dust ! The in flight drinks service is
problematic in these conditions.

Some Frisco fog rolls in

“I’ll take a brandy, and Perrier waters for them”

All to soon we are going uphill and now the rubberized surface goes back to lumpy concrete which
must have been layed in the 60’s and all needs replacing. Never mind California DOT are working on
the hard shoulders, a somewhat misguided use of funds in my opinion.

Well at least today we don’t have to go through California Customs & Immigration which on the way
out was a bit like “Will beg for groceries”
Q1  “What’s in the trailer?”
Q2 “Got any fruit ?”
Q3 “Got any root vegetables?”
Q4 “Got any firewood?”

Thank God we have made it over the summit at Donner Pass and the Nevada state line can’t be far
away. Down the hill and onto Nevada roads and a driving surface at last, and here I can’t help but
think perhaps Mister Swartzenegger should be taken on this ride to show him the difference between

“I have to say these CA roads are bloody RUFF”

“Arnie, there is NO way a sleeping dog can lie on these roads !”

Through Reno so now how far can we get before nightfall ? I would like to make Wendover on the
Utah border which will then give us the 120 mile run into Salt Lake and if we leave circa 0800
tomorrow then we should be there after morning rush hour. Driving eastbound the setting sun is
obviously behind us today and barring any emergency we should be in Wendover about 8 tonight.
My main fear is a blown tire as tire carcasses seem to be the only road kill on this deserted highway.

Reno at last and back to smooth Nevada roads

No problems from the passengers on this leg other than some complaints about seating
arrangements in first class.

“I booked first class and don’t see why I should share with this dog”

Cresting the last ridge all the neon lights of another gambling mecca obscenely capture the night
sky. We drift into the Rainbow Casino’s parking lot and settle in amongst all the big rigs who clearly
use this as a regular rest point.

The gaudy Rainbow

Tuesday morning and on the road shortly after 8 we set sail over the marsh lands of Utah. The mind
imagines the thoughts of the early settlers as they tried to navigate the salt marshes and bogs with
their wagon trains. I can only imagine it must have taken nearly two weeks to get across those
marshes and get on higher ground around what would become Wendover.

Our crossing goes well, a last refueling at Tooele and onward down I15 to the turn off on 6 and up the
pass and down to Price. Today the weather is nice, Fall is here,  and unlike the rain day coming the
other way, we can see!

All the colors along 6

In the lower pass there are some giant wind turbines and we wonder just how big those blades are ?
We soon find out as trucks are coming down the hill carrying 2 a piece on over size loads.

These are new

That answers that question

Pretty big !

Miles and miles of Utah nothing we make Moab and now just a 2 hour jaunt to home. Bumpy but
simple driving and we make it to Cozy on time and as far as we know without  an “RV”  incident!


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