Should be a lot harder than it looks!

One more grueling mountain stage and the time trial to go in this year’s Vuelta. With 9 hours restful sleep I’m ready to tackle one more load of firewood to wrap up the first week of logging and then prep the center bed for the Mums.

Off to the lumber yard only to find it is CLOSED! Well we did have 2 days of rain, or maybe they are having a long weekend as it’s Labor Day on Monday. Didn’t get round to weeding as the ground is still a bit wet so read a few chapters of my spiritual books so that “I’m prepared” for whatever is to come. Arranged another meeting with my Hospice Chaplain and see what comes next.

Next, didn’t have long to wait, having followed all the instructions to the letter re the sleeping pills nothing! Up and down all night long and maybe managed 3 hours if I’m lucky in fitful bursts of about 30 minutes or less each time. I’m fading fast. Not enough energy for a ride or any gardening so finished the book.

Another awful night’s sleep but a few hours in short bursts, so looking forward to some serious rest.

Last mountain stage in the Vuelta shook things up a bit a and some changes in the GC battle but Roglic seemed to have it under control and came home to another 2nd place finish.

Another 2nd place and just the TT to come

0400 and while I’m up I can think about some gardening tomorrow and maybe get back to cycling next week as I have a new cluster on order for the Roubaix. They need to be changed regularly as they start to “clack” after a few thousand miles and I’m at about that point on this set.

Time trial goes as expected and Roglic wins that one as well and completes his hattrick of wins in this classic. Well done!

Gardening for me with a lot more serious weeding and re-dos on the center bed but it will all be worth it when its finished


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