This machine arrived from Colorado about 2 years ago and sat in the workshop along side another
280 model from the same manufacturer. I had already acquired most of the replacement parts for the
smaller model and was about to set about rebuilding the pair when everything around me collapsed.
The 280 was dismantled and sold on ebay for more than I paid for it with parts going as far as Italy and
the UK.

Man what an ugly beast,… just sat and looked at me, I’ve walked round it, inspected it from every
angle, tried to imagine riding it, even thought of different color schemes, seen pictures of it in action,
tried to get my mind around the name, but no matter how I see it in my mind’s eye I’m still left with the
image of one of the ugliest trials bikes ever produced! I refer of course to the Speedy Working Motors
creation…….. The JUMBO.

Not a thing of beauty!

Anything this ugly….. no wonder I haven’t touched it

SWM appeared in the  70’s with some ISDT bikes and then with a ton of money they moved into
the trials scene and managed to virtually acquire the entire Bultaco works team with some decent
salaries for their efforts. No surprise then when you look at the machine to find that it is very similar
to the Bultaco of the period in terms of layout, suspension, overall design, and looks….. although
Bultaco never produced anything this gross!

 I’m not entirely sure what has happened to it’s owner as he won’t reply to any of my emails so I’m left
with this butt ugly heap in the workshop amid my own shiny creations (well whats left of them). Should
I rebuild it or just wait until he asks what has happened to it after two years plus ?

It seems that nobody really liked it when it was imported out here, other than the man who rode it to a
World Championship,  and Arizona superstar Andy Saum who rode them exceedingly well when his
family was the US importer. I suppose if I change the colors, never much cared for Pernod anyway, got
rid of the rope lift thing….. which I thought was a “Shade Tree” add on until I saw Bernie reaching back
and lifting the rear end during the BBC Kickstart trials, and did some serious polishing, then maybe I
could take it to a trial without being embarrassed.

As for colors the readership will be pleased to know that I’m out of my purple phase so I’m leaning to
blacks and silvers for this one. Maybe some of these new Krylon paints will have the answer for that
God awful discolored yellow tank and side panels. Maybe a black and gold engine, gold exhaust,
polished alloy rear end, grey/silver guards, black tank with gold logos and a silver hammered frame?

Destruction begins after a quick before and after type photo shoot. Strangely it has two connecting
links on the chain facing each other! The tank and seat unit are off and some strange head steady
assembly is revealed. There are 5 big Allens all bolted in the head and another monstrosity for some
primitive clutch mechanism. Now why did they use those Wassel handlebars? I think I still have
enough spares around to get this thing up and running and there will be a few changes coming. Of
course my knowledge of this machine is zero at the present so it will be a quick learning curve but on
the positive side the carb looks pretty functional, although the cable and twistgrip isn’t, and it has a
good spark which is a plus.

Bent levers and Wassel handlebars and the rear rope lifter

Clutch mechanism or a train signal?

More parts removal today and a lot of rust removal along with trashed tires and bodged up cables and
fenders to go in the bin! So far only one lug broken off and one snapped bolt in the frame. The airbox
will get the heave -ho and a nice podded system will be fitted…. the rest I’m afraid is crude and very,
very, UGLY !


What did you think of this article?

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  • 11/12/2009 10:03 AM Marc Price UK wrote:
    All in the eye of the beholder as they say.
    For my part is is a shame to see a bike like this blinged up with gold and fancy colours.
    An unuasual bike has a lot going for it.

    I like the yellow and Blue tends to go well with it.

    Now as for those white sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. 11/18/2009 10:03 AM wayne wrote:
      We all have different tastes! It’s all reversible though.
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  • 11/23/2009 10:12 PM Steveo wrote:
    Stepping out into the unknown and away from your trusty Yamaha’s I presume?
    Well I’ve had the privilege of watching a very good rider,do absolutely amazing things on one of those,rather expect that you have too.Hence your reasoning in purchasing your beast?
    Riding here on Canada’s west coast is fine yet,with the exception of our usual rain…..not that I do much anymore what with a new girlfriend and all….
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  • 12/8/2009 8:58 PM Michael H wrote:
    Had a Jumbo…too much power or not enough Bernie type skill…still sorry I sold it. Great Web site!
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