Here we go again

The Veulta a Espana kicks off again on 10/20, and unlike the Giro, NBC is broadcasting this race, which in the past I have always enjoyed because of all the mountain top finishes, and this year there are 8 !

Two time Winner, Chris Froome,  back for his last race with Sky/Inneos after his awful crash in 2019

Seems the TV coverage swaps about between NBCSN and the Olympic Channel but I think I now have it sorted for me to watch. Meanwhile I think its time to cast my other ballot on the Power ball lottery as something new has come up on my horizon!

2008 HSE with Strut grille and with the more reliable engine

Overall not bad

Oh well, keep dreaming, and in the meanwhile bang in those miles while the weather holds. Temps creeping up this morning, still cool and forecast for the ever strong winds. I’d like to get out there earlier today and I’d also like to hit another 35 for the day.

Some wind but manageable and the sun and fall colors were quite outstanding and a 27.72 morning flew by. Out again and topped off the day at 41.25   Wow!

Start of the new week and chemo again!

Blood work tomorrow and chemo Wednesday afternoon so 2 more days to try for another 50 miles and stay on target. Need to start the annual firewood collection, at least it should be dry as I can’t remember the last time we had rain!

The day starts off with the Giant MTB selling at the asking price and all paid for via Paypal, all very nice thank you!


A couple of good runs in these golden fall days and yet another 38.45 piles up on the odometer taking me up to 4390.78 for the year.

BEE’N BUZZING with over 80 miles in the last 2 days!

Tuesday, and a busy day with a dose of Vuelta to begin. Looked pretty miserable in the rain and all seemed to be going well until the last couple of hills where my favorite, Chris Froome, started falling back and was clearly not on his best form finishing 11 minutes off the lead. Unless he goes from strength to strength I think he will just be using this event as a training run before joining his new team next year.

A quick ride before going into town for all the other jobs and a good ride even with a strong Easterly. Miserable outbound but fantastic on the inbound run for the 11.60 to take me through the 4400 kite. Now get the blood work done and drop off the Giant MTB which they were waiting on. A new tarp for the Cadi as it’s log time again and then fill up for tomorrow’s Durango Chemo fun!

Pulled out my old bike rack for the car so that will get a clean up and try it’s luck on Craig’s List. Also finally got the Beemer on there for a $5 fee but success breeds success as they say.

A gift for someone with only 11k on the clock and all yours for a meagre $7000

Chemo Wednesday, and the highlight was definitely a superb piece of honey almond cheesecake for lunch! No problems so far and able to drive myself home. Perhaps a little dehydrated after all the junk being pumped in.

A message re the Beemer ? not sure whether its genuine ? I replied so we will see if anything happens.

Session 2 of phase 2 of the chemo and so far no nasty side effects but a poor night’s sleep. Breakfast soon and those nice “Trumpty Dumpty” steroids. The Vuelta continues in strong winds and rain and doesn’t look too nice for  the riders.

Time to bag up and get out there for a little more and see if I can get down to the last 200 by Friday. In town today, as its road work, going towards Telluride. Snow in the forecast for Monday with a high of 40F !!!!! Now they are saying a SEVERE Weather Alert with 6-12″ of snow from Sunday onwards and temps 30-40F lower than the seasonal average YUK! I guess there will not be a lot of pedal pushing next week but I could get into the loft and get a load of clothing on e-bay?

Don’t see too many pedal strokes next week, but should make 4500 by the weekend

News on the Beemer, the guy says he wants it, is happy with the price and will arrange his own transportation. Well we will see, it all sounds a little too easy?

Ever hopeful!

Today, all bagged up and another 38.25 miles achieved with no ill effects , must be the Trump Steroids !

Yearly Total at 4440.63 only 204 to beat the 2018 numbers

Another night of fitful sleep where the brain WILL NOT shut off, must be those Trump pills! Today the bag comes off but before then I’d like another 20 or so in the mileage bag and then another 10-15 to finish the day.

Part 1 of the day started well with 25.57 before lunch then into town and get a daytime running light and finally the bag off! Coffee time now and then Part 2 to top off the day. Still not sure about the potential Beemer purchaser but early days so stay hopeful. Part 2 goes well topping out a pleasant day for 41.64 and now up to 4482.27 for the year. Better try their sleep/anxiety pills tonight.

Only that much to go

Saturday morning, not too cold, the pills worked so time to crack the 4500 banner before tomorrow’s hard freeze warning 20F !!! and then the forecast snow …… even worse and not for slick tires!! Another 40 miler! it has to be those steroids, maybe I should be on them full time? Over 120 miles in the last 3 days and now at 4522.83 but that might not be going anywhere if the weather is as bad as forecast.

Getting VERY close





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