The biggest and most awkward 400lb river rock…. but I had to have it !

Another day closer to the deadline for the waterfall and some progress on the next load of mega
rocks. Donny from across the road turned up with a tractor of sorts and we managed to haul some
big mothers back to the site.

The 800 pounder that will be the main front center piece

On reflection one is too big so that will be deposited in the lawn fir tree bed and I’m hoping tomorrow
we can lift the biggest one with chains and then gently lower same into place as the frontespiece
which will give all the necessary height. The pillars and cottonwood chunks have been removed to
make way for the tractor and if my measurements are correct  3 of these big rocks will form the front
and then it will be time for the plumbing.

Of course natural rock and natural waterfalls flow where they wish so to try and make rock behave is
not an easy task. I may have to resort to a little cheating and put a few beads of clear silicone on a
couple to control direction…… I’m sure it can be done, just not quite sure if I can do it.

While all the mega rock planning is going on wheelbarrow loads of river rock keep getting deposited
to cover all the holes between the big ones and once the plumbing is done I’ll be looking for a few
more tons to cover  the backside of the structure.

Other tasks for the day include an oil change on the Beemer (bus driver’s transport) filling in my UK
old people’s pension application and thinking about the weekly ritual of mowing and strimming which
could be deferred until Thursday night.

The day starts well with another Cadi load of rock and more washing of rock. Next up the Beemer oil
change and after a few referrals to Google I have the technique fine tuned and all is well now that I
have a Beemer oil filter wrench.

Donny turns up and the mega rocks are lifted and steered into place. With that all done time to think plumbing and off into town for the extra bits that I need. I get a bit of a runaround at the hardware store
but after dealing with dummies I finally get what I want and I’m back at the coal face armed with
stanley knife and screwdriver. By 2000 I’m done, the water flows, and its time for a beer and some

Donny arrives with the mini tractor to tackle the “big one” with chains

All the front rocks in place

The back pillars are done and the 1000lb sandstone lump gets pushed in

Still enough room to work on the plumbing

Only problem was on splitter 4 where the pump lift can’t quite deal with my design but no worries I
will design a lower fall to take care of the problem. The splash trap seems to be working well and
most of the water is finding its way back to the lower pool.

Testing, testing…. the exposed pipe on the right needs adjustment

Now with 3 days to party time I only have to fine tune things and in fill….. and NO MORE mega heavy

Another 0330 up to drive the 0500 Shuttle and finally back around 5 after a visit to a friend’s memorial
tribute in the Hollywood bar which should have kicked off at 4 but the son never turned up so it was
back to working on the pool and falls. A bit of struggling trying to get one of the falls right but after
several attempts at the jig-saw the pieces came together and it flows and looks natural.

The new look “Bismark Falls” with frog topping

What will become “Eagle Falls”

Dusk over “The Falls”……. time for a beer !

A butt crack of dawn start again on that Shuttle but more work on the pool completed after another
load of Cadi rock. Finally completed the in fill and all seems to be balanced and looking good. One
day off now to fine tune all the gaps and finish off the non water side. Time to start thinking pot plants
and where they will go. Noah has got the boot in favor of frogs so some adjustment to the whimsical.

Party Day -1 and counting so time to wrap up with yet more river rock and do the final accounting.
Down to 4 seasons for the required plants and they seem to have had a bad year of it and not much
is left that will go with the planned decor. Some grasses and sages are found and a few ground
cover rockery/alpine plants finish the job off.

The backside of the project needs extending again to accommodate the huge rock and a “masker”
is found to cover yet another visible red spot from the original selection process. The last of the river
rock is washed, bucketted in, and suitably scattered.

Edge needs to be extended ….. again!

Suitable black masking rock covers the red dot

New edge all filled in

A few more adjustments to the falls and the “perfect stone” is found, and it fits, for the new renamed
“Eagle Falls”. One of the frogs gets a job holding the dragonfly light and everybody else is located
amid the rocks.

 A bit Mt Rushmore, the Eagle head rock is found

Frog armed with dragonfly

A well read frog


“I see they finally sunk the Bismark”

My “free canvas” now has the Louis XIV holes for the pot plants and by 2130 with lawns mown and
water flowing I’m finished on contract, and on time, and well within budget !  Now what would this
have cost if it had been contracted out to a landscaping company …… $10K  ?      $20K ?

10-20 tons of assorted rock                                     FREE

Pump, hoses, splitters and clamps                      $130.00

Whimsical frogs                                                        FREE

Plants various                                                            $80.00

Sweat equity                                                               Untold !

Working waterfall, on time, happy wife                 PRICELESS

 Party day, final clean up of residual junk, a few left over rocks, weed the side of the drive where the
rocks had been lurking and my task here appears to be done even if I’m as sore as hell and can
hardly move. So to recap, from this…………

The fish pond from the last 10 years

Start again

to this……. The new look with 6 waterfalls

……  and they all work

The backside all filled in and planted up

The ” action” side

I think I’m done with this project!



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