So here I am with a major dilemma and only a week until loading. The generator is missing parts, nothing else on the Safari is ready either and neither bike has been touched since cleaning post Turkey Rock 2015!

Now I know it could all be done, BUT I like to be better prepared and clearly I’m not.

Time has moved on a few days, the Safari generator was fixed on Friday and now seems to be running well on command. The last day of qualifying for the pool Championship was yesterday and once again I managed a qualifying performance and finished in 3rd giving me two 2nd’s and two 3rd’s ……… now the question is “Do I compete in the Pool or go to Turkey Rock this coming weekend?”

Health and fitness wise I seem to be stabilized at 196 lbs but the cycling has been pushed out to over 15 miles on the last 2 outings and 253.88 miles has been clocked up since pedaling restarted this year.

Warm and windy this morning which I can live with, but ominous black clouds floating in with the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon.

Quick FREE breakfast at a local restaurant (friends of Brenda) and then a little asparagus hunting but only a few stalks and not really enough for a meal. Am I too early ????

The Turkey Rock dilemma continues as once more the bloody Onan refuses to start ……… yes I can start it from outside by operating the throttle and once it has fired up it will start all day ….. BUT this is not how it should be with me on my hands and knees in my dressing gown in the wet grass half way up a mountain trying to get my morning coffee!!!

So the plan is NO turkey Rock this year and take the bloody unit to the Onan man again in Farmington. The Safari is duly de- winterized and clean water flows once more from all taps (faucets) and the hot water tank is re-connected. One mixer valve in the bathroom gives up the ghost as the plastic thread is no more. Luckily, and I’m about due for some, a new unit is sourced in good old Cortez.


Buggered thread !


Some luck at last

Work continues on the boat and its looking GOOD!!! All the bits and bobs on the hull are removed or drilled out and now Brenda has free access to her phase 1 polishing. The front area which had glued down carpet has been removed with a lot of effort and a marine piece of teak will be manufactured to replace it.


Looking good!


One month to sea trials

A good session over the weekend and some garden weeding was done along with the first lawnmower cuts and a lot of strimming up Shorty’s meadow. More rocks were recovered where some (nice children) had ruined the cat’s graves and a flower bed.


Destroyed flower bed


Destroyed cat graves

The last 3 school bus driving days are done! ……. and now the cabin fever can swing into action with me predominately on gardens, grass and weeding, workshop & motorcycles while Brenda is into her boat restoration before our planned fishing trip on Groundhog over 4th July weekend.

Today the Safari is going back to Farmington to get this bloody generator sorted out.









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