Just realised today is actually Friday, Good Friday to be precise, and already my mind is saying Saturday so I now have another day off on my extended Covid holiday.

Looking out of the window the area on the Jag roof certainly doesn’t look like there  was any sun damage so another dose of the “swirl” polish will be on the day’s programme.

A bit better to the naked eye

I’ll leave Clouseau and the Pink to carry on with their investigation while I consider the easist way of getting the info I really need on my Jag. Seems a download from the internet has to be the quickest and the cheapest.

My tasks for the day will be another dose of magic on the roof and then the pleasureable mission of layout of the badges. Needless to say I have bought too many, only to be expected, so some will sadly get left in the box!

Roof TOO hot to use polish! Better get up earlier. Front grille off, well here comes problem one with a curved surface? Now do I try and bend the badges? or do I saw off the lower mounting area and then redrill?

Well ?????

Bending did not seem the way to go, so sawing and filing was the order of the day and as a follow up some precision drilling will be  along shortly and then as the grille is off I should be able to get it back together today. After that, lower grille, and then the front plate.

Ambition is a wonderful thing! but I had to deal with the layout, which will be good but I hadn’t noticed the curvature of the grille so a bit of replanning and a lot of very CAREFUL drilling and worth the dilligence to get it right. Tomorrow just one more for the main grille to get drilled then I can screw them on which will be fun at last!

The warm weather has attracted Cyclists and Motorcyclists out of the woodwork. 2 enquiries on the cycle rack, and one turned up, and the other has more questions. Soon after that an enquiry about the BMW but hopefully this time not a scammer!

Memories of the “Cup Cake” scammer!

No more of these thank you!

It has to be said that all this drilling is beating the crap out of my poor hands and I’m trying so hard not to make any mistakes on these one off badges. Slow progress indeed but overall I believe that my patience is up to it. 1 day jobs now take 3 if I’m lucky. A few refinements need to be made on the drilling and maybe another trip into town for yet more nuts and bolts! Always the way and to be expected with this number of badges, do it once and do it right.

Very warm this afternoon,  “Could that be the Front Wheel of the Roubaix ?”   The start of the next 3000 miles

Lunch begins with a very nice home made quiche

The chocolate stone rolls up for desert, but its been attacked!

All the drilling and filing done, now the placement, screwing and final adjustments.

First one in place

Right side all done

Left side complete

The full VISTA

weekend over










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