Forget a’bout it!

Memorial day weekend and the Commander in Chief displays yet another appalling lack of knowledge of his job, the Constitution, and any grace or reverence for the day!

The Complete Bone Spur Shithead displays his total ignorance once more and is an ongoing embarrassment to the nation and the World.

How dare you start sparring with a Senator and of course this will be another classic (don’t know the man, never met him, very bad person, should be fired, etc,etc)

What on earth are we dealing with this mental Buffoon 

NO, yes, ZERO attention to acting as a leader of the nation, braggart, fuckwit extrodinaire, and not one mention of the weekend with any relevance apart from berating Sleepy Joe & Wife for wearing masks as they laid a wreath ……. the mind boggles!!!!!

Perhaps a comment on “Those about to die”, all featured here, with their inherent stupidity and their desire to die for their incompetent Dictator……..

……. and as science is certainly NOT your strong suit maybe you should trust your well respected military men and not side with vicious bastards already convicted

So in the week following Memorial Day what did the Loon do ? Well, there was the “Twitter” nonsense with fact checking, and seemingly little else  …… more threats to all and sundry … and then the terrible scenes from Minnesota ……. and 4/5 of nothing in response other than another stupid comment on looting & shooting. Well you got your way there with all your cries of Liberty, Liberty and chastising Mayors and Governors …… and now what ?? are we going to  praise all “these very good people” for rioting, setting fire to public and private property, attacking police and soon the National Guard ? It is not a CIVIL WAR yet but, you and your negative response to this as well, will quite likely start one!

I suppose from this point forward the smallest grievance will boil over into mass looting and civil disobedience …… masks ? …. 6′ apart where’s MY flypast ?

and where might the next stimulus check be??????

Nearly at the 10 WEEKS point

Now just looking at these dreadful pictures …… I wonder which party they belong to ?

…… and where were the Police when their own building is under attack ?    …….. but good to see they are wearing masks!

……now where are all these “tremendous, very good people ? …. any chance you might save somebody or something?” 

So now WE MUST accept the Doctor’s  advice

Just about sums it up ……

Now’s the time to step up my dear Asshole in Chief

….. and finally how the kids see this debacle





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